John Fox is the Man!

I just watched a local news story about how Steve Spurrier refused to give a press conference while a particular reporter was in the room. Please get on the same page as me here:

Now that everyone is acquainted with the situation, and for those of you not interested in anything non-broncos related, follow me...

Fans interested in only things regarding the Broncos, skip below:

Spurrier decided to take a stand for his team. This reporter was spitting garbage and untrue stories about Spurrier's team/players. He even went as far as to throw himself in the line of fire and said that he doesn't mind if the media is harsh on him, but that his players basically deserve better. He didn't want this reporter's negativity around his team and he knew what he had to do. He refused to hold the press conference until the reporter had left the room. This was a major impact to the room. It literally halted the process and put this a-hole on the spot. 

This act of bravery and rebellion against the mainstream media provided two major things for Spurrier's team. 

1)His players and supporting cast have to be feeling pretty good about how assertive their coach is and the values that he will be instilling in his team. The us against the world mentality, while coupled with the father bear protecting his cubs image is enough to garner respect from any single person.

2)Now the other reporters lucky enough not to be the target of Spurrier's angst should be on their best manners considering player relations and how they choose to criticize the team. Players can put up a giant wall the size of China's, but at the end of the day, they are sure to be irked by the media's criticisms and nit picking. It is human nature to seek approval. So by Spurrier stepping up and taking all the flak like this, it alleviates the pressure off his players and their performances.

STRICTLY BRONCOS FANS (and those with short attention spans) TUNE IN HERE:

So I think John Fox has some of the same commendable traits that will be instilled on our team over time. He is confident. He has the "I couldn't care less what you half-witted reporters, 'football experts', or fans have to complain about" attitude. He is in tune with his team. His patience in waiting for the right time to strike with Tebow couldn't have been executed more beautifully. Many other members here have detailed this transition, so I won't go too deep into detail. But it's as if Fox knew that the longer he waited, the better Tebow would be received by the team. He went and put Tebow in when the fanbase was on the verge of rioting and the team was on the verge of collapse. He had finally found a reason to be justified in his switch at QB.

Had he started Tebow at the beginning of the season, he would have been bashed on and Tebow would have been swarmed by the media about why the team was sucking and how HE needed to lose HIS job. But instead, Fox made the veteran decision and used Orton to take the flak at the start of the season because he knew our defense would keep us out of games past Orton's abilities to come back. Then all of a sudden Tebow comes in and turns into our savior once the defense has started to turn the corner. Watch for our team to become noticeably better on both defense and offense in the coming weeks and watch for our team to become largely successful due to Fox's ability to lead the team as a true coach should in the long term. 

Fox will teach our young players how to play this game like only a true veteran coach can. He will inspire our older players to keep on playing for something larger than themselves because they will help contribute to a championship in the near future. Fox is a great coach from what I can see. All we need to do is sit back and watch. Let him coach. All we should be worried about is being fans and cheering for every man on the 53 man roster. when they take the field, coached by our one and only head coach. 

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