1st Quarter Season Review by Position

Quarterback: Kyle Orton defines mediocre, we arent good enough to settle for Kyle's BS garbage play.  You guys know the story but while Kyle may not be Tavaris Jackson.  He is not even a Jake Plummer.  Today he missed wide open receivers, underthrew more, threw 3 picks and still couldnt finish drives.  Nuff said..


Running Back: I honestly have been sadly keeping the faith in Knowshon.  He is injured way too much and fragile but the game in Oakland was just painful all around and i hoped to see success today.  Knowshon just cannot stay healthy, or on his feet.  He is a dancer, a great one, but he is turning into a huge bust.  I lost a lot of faith in Moreno today he limped off it seems like every play and cannot burst through any holes.  We need an upgrade badly here.  That being said, Mcgahee has been surprisingly efficient.  He has hit holes hard and been a good fit in the offense, but is a plughole, a number 2 back and thats it.  We need to upgrade here in the draft or FA clearly if Fox wants to establish the most sophisticated running scheme in football.


Wide Receiver: I have been happy with receiver play.  Clearly the best position on our team in terms of depth and skill.  Lloyd has been stellar as usual.  Decker has been great, has definitely had hiccups but for a guy playing his first year he has been great.  Royal is still a question mark and Bey Bey is gonna have to get back soon and produce big time to have any shot of not being considered a bust.  Willis has been solid and contributed when necessary.

Tight End: Clearly better this year than last, Fells seems good then he seems terrible.  J Thomas is yet to be determined but looked great in pre season definitely has a future.  Virgil Green still tbd.  Definitely missing a solid presence of a good blocking tight end.

O Line: O Line actually looked very solid today against Green Bay.  GB has had a struggling pass rush and pass defense but they were first in the NFL in rush defense and we just put up over 100 yards.  Clady has shown glimpses of greatness (good today) and major bonehead plays.  Franklin has played like a rookie but i can also see why he is considered a mauling run blocker, i think his pass blocking was good today and run blocking even better.  Kuper has been my biggest disappointment thus far because he is the leader of this line yet continues to struggle here and there.  I think he played better today, definitely improvements across this line every game but still need better play from Kupe.  Beadles and Walton seem to be always connected together, same draft play next to each other and both arent very good right now.  I think both players are still young and improving and need more time to be evaluated but its not looking great so far.  I think Beadles' future is depth for this team.  I think Franklin should kick inside to LG and draft or sign a RT.  Walton has shown signs of toughness but he needs to improve in run blocking he has been lacking there, Beadles as well.

D Line: Maybe the most surprising group on the team.  They have been stout in run defense and contain especially Ayers and Hunter at DE.  They all have been playing the run pretty well since Oakland, but they are really struggling in the pass rush.  Dumervil struggled vs the run today and didnt do a lot rushing Rodgers.  Granted it was his first day back but he needs to show why we are paying him so much.  All around the D line we havent had much pass rush, I am really looking forward to Marcus Thomas coming back next week he seems to be the best pass rushing DT we have, Vickerson has been average or worse in both departments.

Linebackers:  Von Miller has shown why he was the number 2 pick in the draft.  He is the best player on our defense right now and is a playmaker.  2 more sacks more pressure and good run defense and pass defense, what cant this guy do.  Woodyard has played great and gets to the ball fast, he needs to shed blockers better but he is improving.  DJ Williams has to be one of the most over rated players in this league.  Im sorry i have always supported DJ but today he was bad.  He did nothing to help stop the run and despite his "athleticism" he continues to be steps behind tight ends.  Granted it was his first game back vs the best team in football, but he needs to prove he deserves to be on the field.  Joe Mays probably had his worst game of the year but that was because he hardly played, he cant cover a soul.  I do like our nickle defense and Mays has played the run quite well but he is a huge liability vs the pass. 

Safeties: Brian Dawkins showed his age today, and in the era of passing the football he really doesnt have a place on this team after this year.  He is a good leader, great for Moore and others but this has to be the last year dawk puts on a Broncos uni.  He stops the run decently but cant keep up with anything.  I also dont know what it is about Rahim Moore but i havent seen all the hype about him so far.  Moore got a matt flynn pick today and stuggled keeping the ball in front of him.  This was definitely a tough test and Dawkins was worse but Moore has played like a rookie IMO so far.  Definitely a bright future on this team and is still learning.  SS needs to be upgraded, i think we will address it through FA.

Cornerback:  Cornerback looks about as bad as last year as it does this year.  Champ has been a disapointment, Goodman is clearly done after this year and everyone else is a rookie or nothing more than a 4th corner.  Wilhite has made enough plays to earn a spot on this team but he is a 4th cb.  I think that next year we could have a decent group with Squid, Vaughn, Champ, Wilhite, one of our first 3 picks and probably more.  Vaughn has been picked on a lot by vets like Hass and greats like Rodgers, but he has a pretty big ceiling and a lot of athleticism.  Goodman has been disapointing since mid season 2009 and needs to get out of town.  We have some youth here but they have a lot of room to grow.  Champ definitely has years left but he needs to get off the injury report.

ST: Our Special teams is actually good.  Prater and Colquitt are one of the top tandems in football and we have good returners and coverage.


This team is improving but has a lot of work to do.  I think our O Line saw the greatest improvement in week 4 and that means a lot.  Defense had a tough time today but who hasnt vs the SB champs.  Secondary is young and will improve but we definitely need to add pieces there this offseason.  Despite what people will say about this game, a good quarterback would have made this game a lot closer.  Orton is what he is and that is bad.  To say he played well today is horsecrap.  He missed or underthrew more passes than he made and turned the ball over 3 times one crucial one for a pick 6.  Im not saying Tebow is the answer, i hope he is but its getting hard to believe EFX thinks so.  We need upgrades badly at CB RB and OL in the offseason but if we draft a QB early it could delay this teams re building.  If Tebow can prove he can lead this team we may be only one off season away from contending for AFC WEST title.  If not it may be 2 more before we can battle for the top spot and contend with teams like the Packers.

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