It may not be as bad as it looks

It was quite evident from today's game that we are far away from being a championship caliber team. But it is good to know where we stand and how long the rebuilding process will take. We are at least 2 or 3 years away from being a championship caliber team.

My game observations:


  1. Our defensive backs got burned. The main reasons were blown coverage (Jennings walked in untouched), mental mistakes (B. Dawk out of position when Nelson passed him) and great quarterback play by Aaron Rodgers (did you see the touchdown to J Jones). Aaron Rodgers is playing great ball.
  2. Defensive front held it's bargain most of the game. Packer run game was 110 off yards. Well the Packers did throw a lot as well.
  3. Good to know we can generate good pass rush against a quality team. This will only get better.
  4. We should throw out the three man rush against a team like the Packers. It is useless. It only gave Rodgers more time to make a play.


  1. Interceptions. The first interception was all Woodson. He read the route perfectly and just made a great play. The second interception was all Orton. A horribly underthrown ball would have been a touchdown. Third interception was the luck of a 1-3 team. Decker tries to catch the ball as it slips through his hands hits his legs and pops up in the air.
  2. Daniel Fells. Hold on to the ball please. Try and put both hands on it as "soon" as you catch it. 
  3. Decker and Lloyd are getting into a groove on offense.
  4.  McGahee was solid all game.
  5. Touchdowns: Decker's adjustment to Orton's throw was incredible. Orton's third touchdown pass was good.
  6. The offense is still not consistent. But when it is on song, it seems unstoppable.
  7. My best offense stat. We gave up one sack. With a team like the Packers that boasts a great pass rush. Offensive Line did good.
On Tim Tebow and Orton: The most telling comment of the day came from Phil Simms wherein he showed the improvement in Rodgers' throwing motion and that throwing mechanics can be altered. Why is it important: The NFL is now a passing league and the teams that are having success are teams with a great quarterback that can thread a needle. Tebow is not a better needle threader than Orton. The day he becomes one (which I am sure he has all the potential to be) Orton is gone. Until that happens putting Tebow in prematurely may give us a few wins here and there, but we still would not have a championship quarterback for which Tebow has all the intangibles.
In Conclusion: We left 14 points on the field (Daniel Fells' fumble and Orton's underthrown interception) The score could have been much closer than it finally was (49-37). I am disappointed but not disheartened by the loss. We lost to a really good team with a great quarterback and now know where we stand.

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