The Tebow, The Champ ... and funny Brandon

      I'm really looking forward to this Sunday. Especially watching two of my favorite players, Champ Bailey and Brandon Marshall. Before I get into that, however, I should touch on the subject everyone else will be concentrating on....Tim Tebow.

       Having given up three or four picks to get Tebow I am excited to finally see  what he's got...with a full playbook...   and on an extended stage.      I'll be curious what the so-called experts say when they see the heart of a player overcome all their conceived 'so-called' short-comings.

      I’ve now seen Tebow in three and a half games. You can subtract the first game against Oakland as Denver’s coaches decided not to put any pass plays in the game plan. It was pathetic, but even with the lousy game plan Tebow excited us with a 30 or so yard  TD run.

     You can also subtract one quarter, 3rd quarter last game, because Tebow was thrown into what looked like a hopeless game with a first team that he had not practiced with….at all. Even with the bad 3rd quarter he almost connected on a long TD pass to Decker on a broken play where most NFL QB’s would have been sacked.

     That leaves us with two and a quarter games that we’ve actually seen what Tebow can do. One of them he played well but lost…mostly because of a terible defense. The other game he won with an exciting 4th quarter comeback. That leaves us with last games quarter in which he again sparked the entire team and stadium, proved he could move the team down the field, and came just short of another exciting 4th comeback.

     If you ask me, Tebow is reminding me more of Elway than this QB the so-called experts say can’t be a success.

     Personally I think that many of the ‘so-called’ experts are nothing more than a flock of talking birds simply repeating what they’ve heard around the house. Parots! Nothing more!

    I think the nay-sayers will be surprised. I like Tebow and could care less about his long release. Teams playing Tebow have to worry about a heck of lot more about what Tebow can do than what his release is doing.

                                                 I wish Tebow the best of everything...I really do.

     The Tebow thing will be fun , but the 'other' story,  just as fun to watch will be 'Brandon vs. Champ.' It will be fun to see if the tutor, Champ, who taught Brandon many good moves, has a counter to what he shared. When Brandon was new with us he often spoke of what he was learning from Champ. Not only going against him in camp, but Champ also gave him some tips on how to make separation. I spent about an hour trying to find an interview I watched, where Brandon was talking about Champ and Rod Smith, but could not find it. I wish I could, Rod and Champ had a lot to do with Brandon maturing. Champ on the field, Rod in life.

     As you know, Champ is one of the best tackling corners in the league. We watched him hold Vincent Jackson (similar in size to Brandon) to just three catches, no TDs, and few yards after the catch. The experts tell us that Jackson is one of the NFL's best. It will be interesting to see Marshall's numbers at the end of the game. I am happy as heck that Brandon did not end up in San Diego, very happy!  With a real QB like Rivers, Brandon's numbers could be scary, and make it  interesting to see if Brandon can better Vincent's numbers.

     This will be a fun contest for both Champ and Brandon. I'm not sure what the exact numbers are but Champ must be giving up at least 30 to 35 pounds to Brandon and I imagine 2 to 3 inches...maybe even 4. I'm also sure that, even if he's lost a step, Champ is faster than Brandon.  Brandon has proved to be a quick learner (on the field anyway) yet Champ is the wiley veteran.  One of these days I'm going to figure out how to put a poll at the end of my post...I would like to ask you who you think will win the battle before it happens.

     In case of few of you are very young or new Bronco fans here is a link to a very fun, and my favorite, YouTube of Brandon in his early years with the Broncos.

      Anyway, for me, there will be three great shows within the game this Sunday.

                                        #3                 The Tebow Story begins

                                          #2                   Champ vs. Brandon

                                            #1            I have a feeling that someone will become a star

                I'm not sure who...I'm really not. It could be an Eric, a Demaryious, or even a Knowshone. I'm not sure why I have this feeling....but something fun is about to happen this weekend...and a star (or maybe some stars) will be born.


Note:  This is not a La La Land poat so you can be angry at me if you want to. 

OK, I 've done my do diligence and figured out how to put a poll out. I hope I am not too late to get a response.



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