"Denver And Tebow Have Won!" Broncos Stun Dolphins 18-15 In Overtime Thriller

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 23: Quarterback Tim Teebow #15 of the Denver Broncos rolls out against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

It wasn't pretty and at times it didn't even look like professional football at any level.  There's something about Tim Tebow, however, something that keeps hope alive.  After looking dead for 57 minutes, the Denver Broncos scored 15 points in the final 2:43 to tie the Miami Dolphins before Matt Prater drilled a 52-yard field goal in Overtime to beat Miami 18-15. It was the first time the Broncos have ever beaten the Dolphins in Miami.

We can spend all week focusing on what Tebow and the Broncos DIDN'T do right.  For now, let's focus on what he did do right.  For me, it was simply giving his teammates an opportunity to make plays.  The touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas came on a broken play.  He kept the play alive a delivered the ball.  The throw to Daniel Fells on the game-tying drive wasn't pretty, but it was good enough for Fells to make a play - and what a catch it was.

Sometimes to win you need to take advantage of the mistakes made by your opponent.  The Broncos did that, starting with the 2-point conversion try by Miami when they led 12-0.  There is no reason to go for two in that spot.  The Dolphins didn't convert, meaning the field goal they kicked later made the score 15-0, allowing the Broncos to NOT have to go for 2-points TWICE.  The Broncos took advantage.

The Dolphins gave the Broncos another possession by fumbling the on-side kick, allowing the Broncos to get the ball back.  Without that recovery, of course, the Broncos lose the game.

And how about the Broncos defense?  There were several times the defense could have folded, but they didn't.  They continuously stopped the Dolphins when the Broncos offense couldn't get out of it's own way, and not only stopped the Dolphins in OT after Kyle Orton lost the toss, but forced a Matt Moore fumble on the Dolphins' second OT possession.  I've been as hard on D.J. Williams as anyone, but that was a hell of a strip-recovery. 

Lastly, Matt Prater, who missed two field-goals earlier in the day, was given far-from a gimme field goal - a 52-yarder - after not really trying to move the ball after the fumble.  Prater made up for his earlier miscues by drilling the game-winner.  I'm still a bit speechless!

All the attention will go to Tim Tebow - he's the quarterback and he deserves it.  Without the other two phases of the football team, however, the Broncos don't win.  Without Tebow, the Broncos aren't in a position to make those plays.  Now that's team football.

Take time to enjoy this Broncos fans.  It may not be how you want it to be, but it is a WIN! A Denver Broncos win!


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