Geesh, that Tebow is inaccurate...

That is what many pundits and NFL observers are saying today after watching Tebow flounder for 55 minutes against the Dolphins. I think it's worth taking a brief look at a few things regarding Tebow's "accuracy problem."

I personally expect Tebow's accuracy to improve significantly over the course of the season. Here are my reasons:

1. He was an accurate passer in college. In fact he is the most accurate passer in SEC history and 15th in NCAA history. Regardless of what the pundits say, I don't understand why accuracy should significantly suffer at the next level. I don't think he'll be a 60% passer anytime soon, (at least until he's got a more experienced line) but I also don't think he's a sub 50% passer either. 

2. Rookies are often less accurate but improve over time. Look at some numbers from Elway's career:

John Elway

Comp %

TD/Int Ratio

Rookie Year (10 starts)



Years 1 through 5



Years 6 through 10



Years 11 through 16






It's easy to forget that Elway was a turnover machine for the first 10 years of his career. He also didn't have elite accuracy, but he steadily improved over his career. I expect Tebow to have a similar story.

3. Against the Dolphins, Tebow completed 48% of his passes or 13 of 27. If he had completed just 2 more passes, he'd have completed 56%, or a similar percentage as Elway had for his career. We're not talking about a huge difference here, just a couple of passes. My point is, it won't take much, just a completion here and there, and Tebow will be respectable from an accuracy standpoint. 

4. So how could Tebow suck so bad for so long against the Phins and still win? Everyone is wondering what it is about Tebow that makes him a winner? I think part of it is he doesn't turn the ball over. In college he passed for 88 TDs to only 16 INTs--an incredible 5.5 TD/INT ratio. This seems to have carried over to the NFL already (currently 8/3 TD/INT ratio). This is in stark contrast to Orton, who had a knack for turning the ball over when the game was on the line. Frankly, I'd rather a QB miss a pass here and there, than have a pile of TOs. 

I expect Tebow to have an impressive year. Do you?

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