Let’s be real…Tebow was great for 5 minutes


What an amazing win!!!  I’m not going to come on here and discredit the win by saying we got lucky, we beat one of the worst teams in football or anything like that.  A win is a win and those have been of short supply in Broncos country over the past few years.  Our team deserves major kudos for continuing to fight throughout the game and for not giving up. 

Something curious happened though…it was as if 5 minutes of time wiped away the memory of the previous 55 minutes of the game.  Hell even I didn’t care anymore about wasting the previous 3 hours of my life over a very disappointing performance.  Something else happened…most if not all of the blame was laid at the feet of our offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.  “Playcalling was awful, McCoy sucks, we need a new O-Coordinator were very common statements prevalent throughout the message boards.”

After pleading and near begging by many of us that post on MHR to remain realistic, patient, and objective about the development of Tim Tebow and our expectations, it is clear to me that quite the opposite is happening.  No one can post or even mention the name Tebow and a true observation about his play unless it involves praise.  Furthermore, if a comment doesn’t involve praise, the person feels necessary to add the caveat “I’m a Tebow supporter” before speaking their mind.  Well I’ve been one of these people and I do love Tebow and I want him to succeed, but this is the last time I’m going to state that before speaking my mind and being truthful about what is going on.  So here goes:

For 55 minutes, Tebow played like absolute garbage. 

He was inaccurate and ineffective in the passing game.  Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers yourself in the play-calling breakdowns I’ve already provided here and here.  The running game was very effective, what caused snags were the many incompletions Tebow threw on first down (8) and second down (4) which made third downs on average 8-9 yards to convert.  BTW there were only 3 junk plays called on third and long (6 or more yards)---these were of the QB draw variety that we can all agree to loathe.  And besides these plays and throwing the ball only once in overtime, I really don’t take issue with McCoy’s play calling yesterday.  Yes they can always be more aggressive---something that developed more as the game went on---but it isn’t a bad idea to try and get the running game going early and sustain it throughout the game.  When Tebow was given his shots to throw the ball downfield, he failed pure and simple. 

Now I don’t want to speculate about why Tebow can play like that for most of the game and then do what he did in the final 5 minutes.  Some of the Broncos players have said that he’s overthinking or that when he needs to make plays his focus sharpens and his intangibles take over.  That’s all well and good, but I’ll point something else out---a team had never come back from 15 points down in the final five minutes of a game since the 1970 AFL/NFL merger.  How many times can we expect it to happen as we go forward?

I’m not trying to pour lemons in anyone’s kool-aid or rain on the parade.  A win is a win.  But until Tebow can make the passing game as much as a weapon as his legs, there will be many more quarters of downright awful play and this will translate to end game situations that will be impossible to overcome.  Stating the truth does not mean I hate Tebow or am rooting against him.  Stating the truth means that I want him to improve.  I was just as excited as everyone else was about our comeback victory, I was just as excited as everyone else was about Tebow’s play in those 5 minutes.  But let’s be real with ourselves and our expectations as we go forward because everything else besides those 5 minutes was just horrible to watch. 

Tim thank you for those 5 minutes you have lots of work to do, God Bless and Good Luck!!!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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