Tebow = Rocky?

I assume that you all have seen the scene from Rocky IV when the hostile Soviet crowd is won over by Rocky's determination and begins to cheer for him. Well, in some ways, that about summarizes my experience with the Broncos-Dolphins game on Sunday.

As some background, I grew up in Colorado, but now live in Middle Tennessee. As a Bronco fan living in Tennessee, I see little Bronco games unless I go to a sports bar. So, with everything going into this Broncos-Dolphins game (a new beginning for the Broncos…Tebow’s first start this season…in Florida…on "Gator Day"), I felt it necessary to throw on my Tebow jersey and venture out to one of the local sports bar to watch the game. When I arrive at the sports bar, there are 20 some TVs on the walls, but, due to the size of my crowd (1), I am given a small TV to watch the game. During the game, I notice an extremely annoying Dolphins fan. He is trash talking Tebow and the Broncos. Fine. Whatever. We’ll see what happens.

After three and a half painful quarters, I began to plan my exit. To make matters worse, I did not see him, but there WAS another Bronco fan wearing a Tebow jersey in the bar (who must have left early) and somehow, the annoying Dolphins fan had the jersey and was walking around the bar flapping the jersey (making sure that I noticed his actions). I needed to get out of there fast or hot wings were going to take flight towards that Dolphins fan.

Then…the switch was flipped…

All of a sudden, Tebow and the Broncos start to move the ball. I noticed a few claps from the bar after a good Broncos play, but am not sure yet if the claps are indeed for the Broncos. Then, more positive Bronco plays followed by more claps. When the Broncos scored their first touchdown, more attention in the bar goes to the game. Plus, since the Titans game was a blow-out, CBS switched from the Titans game to the Broncos game. As a result, half of all of the TVs in the bar are now on the Broncos game.

Next thing you know, the Broncos recover the on-side kick and the stage is set for the comeback. At this point, everyone in the bar starts to pay attention to the game (and, I heard someone scream out, "Here comes Tebow!"). As the Broncos move the ball down the field, the cheering and clapping is filling the entire bar. Once Tebow completes the TD pass to Fells, the entire bar full of various NFL team fans is chanting, "TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!". The Broncos are then down by two points and are lining up for the 2-point conversion. What happened next was truly amazing…

I do not know if you heard it, but this little sports bar in Middle Tennessee ERUPTED!!! Everyone in the bar went nuts when Tebow ran across the goal line to tie the game. I saw Bears fans high-fiving Falcons fans. People were cheering and giving ME high-fives and thumbs-ups. I could not believe what was happening on the TV nor could I believe what was happening in that little bar. Again, it was truly amazing…

I do not know what the rest of the season has in store for us Bronco fans, but I know that we have a special player on our team. A player with heart, passion, and determination. A player that, at least in that little sports bar, transcended the bounds of "team" sports and had everyone in the bar behind him…well…everyone except for the quiet Dolphins fan holding the Tebow jersey…

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