The Defensive Tackle Position

As much as I love Tebow there is only so much i can stand on reviewing every single detail on every play.  BTW if you have not already, read Ted Bartletts article posted in the Fan Shots section.  Its great.


Now to the point of the post, 6 games in what the thought of the future of the DT position for the Denver Broncos?  I have seen lots of commenting that this position needs to be addressed early in the draft next year so I'm going to give a brief rundown of the current Broncos and talk maybe about possible future Broncos.

Brodrick Bunkley

Bunkley has proved to be one of the better off-season acquisitions by EFX.  He does a great job of taking up blocks and penetrating in the run game.  I have felt much better about our run defense this year and i think he is part of the reason.  He had a great start to the season but slowed down and had little production vs. GB or SD.  This could be attested to their great passing attacks.  Bunkley only played in 22 snaps last game and 16 of them were running plays.  I want to keep a closer eye on him but have you guys seen him come off after just first down in multiple instances.  He seems likes he should be getting more snaps for his production.  The game vs. SD was not all that bad of play by our D-line, more on Von's over commitment to the pass and some missed tackles by Mays, DJ and others.  I think he has a spot on this team for the future, he is still fairly young and is the best run stuffer weve had in a while.  Lock him up EFX!!!!

Marcus Thomas 

I have always been high on Marcus Thomas.  Beyond him just being supposedly a "first round talent", he has been through a scheme change every year and now this is his second 4-3 pro stint.  Marcus had a lot of tackles and played decently well in the game vs. SD but was not much of a factor vs. MIA.  He is still recovering and getting in better shape so despite already being in the league 4 years the jury is still not out.  Marcus has 10 more games to prove he should be re-signed for the Broncos.  I love his size and speed so I can only hope he remains healthy and gives opposing teams hell.

Ryan McBean

Ummm....what?  Ryan McBean has done what the past two weeks?  You mean the same guy that pretty much cost us a game in Jacksonville last year and showed no signs that he needed to remain a Bronco this year.  Yeah that guy, in the past 2 weeks McBean has 5 solo tackles 4 assisted and 1 sack and 1 TFL.  McBean has played better than ever the past 2 weeks and hopefully keeps improving.  Like Thomas and even Bunkley, these next 10 are a tryout.  This kid came to play last week and I hope to see the same continue, he could be a good backup.

Kevin Vickerson

Big Vick (or should i say little vick), has definitely been a disappointment this year.  He dropped down to 290 after weighing in over 330 last season.  He is on  IR and out for the rest of the season.  He had 4 total tackles on the season through 5 games, and didnt close to as effective as he had been in the season prior.  I dont know what the future of Vickerson is, he is on contract with the Broncos next year but unless he shows his '10 form, I could see him being cut next year.

Ty Warren 

Ty has been injury plagued the last few years and he is going to miss this entire season after missing all of last season.  Warren is only due 2.5 million though his contract calls for 2 years ten mil.  I think like Vickerson he will be here this off-season and training camp and will compete for a roster spot.  It is likely he could be cut i think.

Mitch Unrein

Awww well of course save the best for last.  Im really not going to bother with Unrein, i wish him nothing but the best and has not that bad when he has played but i just dont think he has much of a future with this team or possibly the NFL.


Possible draft candidates IMO:

Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington- possibly gone in the first round, but could be looked at hard by EFX if he is there in the second.  Could be a force in the 4-3.

Devon Still DT, Penn State- probably going to be available in round 3.  A bigger DT at around 315 that can rush the passer.  He would be a great option in round 3 imo.

Kawaan Short, DT, Purdue- has had a solid year thus far and would be a good option in the third or fourth round.  At 6'3 305 he has manned his position well and is the best lineman on Purdue.


IMHO i have been pleasantly surprised with the play from our tackles thus far.  If Bunkley keeps it up i think we need to hold on to him.  McBean and Thomas may be going head to head for a contract here, the jurys are out on both still and hopefull they both play well enough to earn a stay here.

Vickerson and Warren are in under contract for next year and should at least be in TC.  A lot of people think DT is one of if not our biggest needs.  IMO, cornerback is by far our biggest needs.  Unless Jonathan Martin falls to us we have to take Claiborne or Kirkpatrick.  We have a few young cbs that can still develop into good players but we need a sure bet and both are.  We need to draft a CB in round 1 and at some point in the later rounds.  AS for DT i would probably rank it number 2, because a lot of other positions have youth and will grow.  I like a group of Bunkley, Thomas and others but we do definitely need to draft a tackle in the early-mid rounds.  I like Still and Short in round 3, and that what i would go aim for right now.

This league despite our efforts, is a passing league.  Pass rushers and cornerbacks are vital.  Defensive Tackle is important but i don't think it warrants a round 1 pick.  I would like to see us add a pass rusher along with a d tackle in rounds 2-4.  Here's to building the D of the future, we have good pieces and a lot of youth cant wait to watch it grow, i heart you Dennis Allen.


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