Packers vs Broncos: The No Bull Review

Game reviews are a lot easier to do when we don't get absolutely destroyed on the football field in all phases of the game.  I decided yesterday to wait until today to type this up.  It won't be as detailed and probably won't have as much useful notes from me because honestly I stopped taking notes at half time.  This isn't a surprise to me.  I knew without both Bailey and Doom playing we would be seriously in a hole against Green Bay and I wasn't wrong in the least.  I came into this game very suspect of our our secondary...they didn't prove me wrong.



  • Let's talk positive for a second...I thought the play calling was much better this game early in that we were actually looking to take advantage of our player's strengths and also open the field up quite a bit.  I loved all the play-action.  The running game was being consistent.  I found it somewhat difficult to predict what we were going to do on any given down.  Good improvement McCoy.
  • Why are we even bothering to dress Tebow if we aren't going to use him?  And put him in to run a draw up the middle?  That is just awfully silly.  Sweep him one direction or the other and give him some receiving options...then you will use him to his strengths and get positive yards.  Either drop a duece or get off the pot Fox.
  • We all know it, but it is worth saying again:  We are wasting precious development time playing Orton at this point.  When you rebuild a team, you have to look at all positions on your team and decide if they can be improved, then address that.  We can improve at QB.  I believe that if Orton hasn't lost the whole locker room he has lost part of it at this point.  Time to change.  Orton is what he is and you aren't extending him after this season.  Stop wasting our games on him.
  • I'm quite disappointed in our offense at this point - there were several plays (2 in the red zone) where our receiving options ran their routes, then stopped and did nothing to get separation from their defenders.  That is just pathetic effort.  No wonder Orton can't find someone to throw to down guys aren't even trying!
  • Loved McGahee's game and how the O-line played this game.  They were the bright shining stars in the dark sea of the abyss of this game.  Very promising to see.



  • Can we say "exposed"?  That's what happened to this defense.
  • I know we have Doom back, but it is friggin aaron rogers out there - he's kinda good.  You may want to put pressure on him.  This was another week where I'm very disappointed with the play calling from Allen.  He basically sat back and said, "please Packers, go ahead and pick us apart".   I could go on and on about this, but I'll spare you all.  I think the lack of aggressive play calling this week was pathetic.
  • How much do we miss Bailey?  And I was very irritated seeing him on the sideline in his visor.  Dude...we just paid you 14mil a year and you are chewing gum on the sidelines.  Prorate your salary and give it back the appropriate amount until you are back on the field. (this is a frustration statement, no trolling necessary)
  • Von Miller looked awesome and so did Doom.  Too bad our secondary couldn't do much of anything to hold up their end of the deal.
  • Run defense was pretty solid again...another encouraging thing for a rebuilding team.
  • I know we are all happy to see some turnovers, but let me keep it real a bit:  Both the INTs we go were absolute gifts...our secondary didn't earn them or jump a route.  They were just lucky to be in the right spot after the receiver tipped up a ball.
  • Here's another area where we need serious help:  Safety.  Our Safeties were just horrid in pass protection this game.  Dawkins brings it all day long, but the dude gets out of position too easily and doesn't have the gas to make up for it.

Special Teams:


  • I wasn't impressed with our coverage play at all in this game.
  • The onside kick early was just awful from our team...bad on the coaches for not noticing this tendency on coverage to retreat before you see what the kick is doing.



  • I thought our offensive coaching was fine...I said as much above.  We're a weak offense, but McCoy was prepared to play to our strengths.  I loved the flea-flicker play, but why even call it?  I know we were still sorta close, but save it for a game that we have a chance at.
  • Our Defensive coaching was poor -- we didn't look prepared at all in our secondary for their passing game.  I don't care that it is the Packers and they are one of the three most prolific offenses in the game.  You didn't hit the books hard enough.  You didn't prepare our guys.  We weren't in the best position to even have a chance at the game because of this.  Strike one Allen.  You missed an opportunity to show the NFL that we have an up-and-coming defense.


  • First off, thanks for handing GB a 1st down on an awful PI call against Wilhite.  The kid does perfect coverage for once and you flag him for it.  He didn't move the receiver, he was looking for the ball.  Even the announcers noticed this.  Horrible call.  Go back to your rulebooks...that was a complete Fail.
  • There were facemasks against Green Bay you didn't call and I have no idea how you didn't see them.  Example:  An attempted punt block...the facemask happened directly in front of the kicker as big as anything.
  • You let Green Bay horse-collar tackle us twice with no flags.  One time the defender looked like he was trying to kill Lloyd.  Way to protect our players.  

Green Bay Organization:

Here's just a few thoughts for Green Bay from me personally.  You showed to me a complete lack of class in this game.  I understand not pulling punches early and all, but really?  You need an early onside kick against my Denver Broncos in week 4 of the season?  Lame.  You need to keep your cherry little QB in till the end of the game while we are already down by 3 scores?  Weak.  You tackle on defense by grabbing the horse-collar and trying to take a receiver out?  Pathetic.  Until this game, I've always looked at Green Bay with respect as a great NFL organization.  No now scrape the bottom of the barrel of the NFL with oakland and dallas to me.  I will cheer for you to lose.  I hope you keep putting pretty-boy aaron in late in games where it doesn't matter.  And I hope he gets broken on a great blitz because of it.  You deserve it.  You didn't need extra practice from us in the 4th quarter.  You weren't in danger of losing the game.  You should remember where you came from what who you are.  Just because you won a championship last year doesn't mean squat this year.

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