Fox Under Fire.

Fox Under Fire


Let me start by saying this is my first time posting a fanpost, and I’m not the best writer, however I felt like I could contribute a solid article to the site.  This article is in regards to my belief that it’s becoming clearer by the minute(or game, or press conference) that we made the wrong hiring choice, yet again L  Stick with me here fans.


It didn’t seem like we gave the interview process due diligence, we should have interviewed more coordinators on successfully teams or tried to get Elway to sway Billick or Cowher out of retirement. It seems in hindsight like we were always going to hire Fox regardless of interview just because appearance wise he’s the opposite of McDaniels. They thought it’d be a good PR move and ignored the important thing, which is how good the coach actually is. Fox is possibly as immature as McDaniels imo after yesterdays post game conference, probably shoulda found out if he had qualities like that before we hired him.


I’m firm in belief that if you make a mistake the worst thing you can do is be stubborn about it, and should instead man up, own your mistake, and then make a proactive attempt to fix it. John Fox seems the best way to approach a mistake is to keep trotting out the same product and expect a different result. Never admit wrongs or try and change something that isn’t working. And always stick with your initial evaluation under all circumstances, even if it means losing, because hey, you can’t admit your wrong. Solid thinking.


Yesterday’s press conference after a blowout loss was the most discouraging thing I’ve seen in years as a Broncos fan.  It made it very clear to me that John Fox is immature, and handles things childishly.  He makes up responses on the fly without thinking, and lies through his teeth, constantly contradicting himself, all while maintaining a smug “f*** you” attitude and arrogant demeanor.  It must be nice to have that much confidence in yourself despite only having 3 wins in your last 20 attempts. 


He insulted the fans, Tim Tebow, and most importantly the team yesterday with his spewed garbage.  Kyle Orton threw 3 interceptions, and we fumbled once in the redzone, yet he described the offense as playing “very good”.  When asked why he didn’t play Tebow in garbage time at the end to get him some experience he said he didn’t even think about it, “because Orton’s the starter”, and wait for it…still needs experience to LEARN THE SYSTEM, keep in mind this is essentially the same offense Kyle Orton’s ran for 3 years, and he’s in his 8th year overall in the league. On top of that, the same philosophy isn’t in place for the offense as it does for the D, given we saw subs on that side of the ball at the end, what a complete contradiction that was, and he looked like a fool while answering it with a lie in the post game. 


What the hell is he talking about, this is some serious BS, and i’m not gonna stand by and have faith in a guy that’s clearly a joke at this point in terms of the QB situation.  Throw in the insulting, childish statement of saying they didn’t use Tebow again because he was ineffective and I’m done with this guy.  John Fox made a conscious choice yesterday to WASTE a play to give the bird to the fans yesterday, and it was in the 1st quarter when the game still mattered.  Does no one see a serious problem with that?  That is not an okay to run a team.


We have nothing to gain with Orton. And if the teams bad regardless, find out what you have in Tim. Maybe he’s not the right guy and at least we know that going into the draft. Maybe he learns a ton and does well enough to give us hope for next year. Regardless, staying the course with Orton will yeild the same results, and we lose him for nothing in the off season, only to have to re figure out the Qb situation then, still knowing nothing more about Tebow. What logic is there to keep Orton, please answer me that.

It has little to do with brining in Tebow, but rather that we absolutely need to try something different, and wasting time with Orton killing this franchise, and Fox looks asleep at the wheel.  Fox needs to sit down with our PR group for a few hours a week if he wants to stick around, his answers are often ridiculous and today’s post game was a low. 

At this point one could only conclude that Fox is either is A) Is being stubborn and is consciously making a choice to live or die by Orton whether it’s good for the team or not, or B) has no clue what’s going on with this team. Neither scenario is good

The situation is terrible, it makes me sad to think that we could have set our franchise back even further then McD already did by making another bad hire. It’s not easy to say, but we very well may have. It’s still too early, but it’s not a good start at all for Fox, and the longer he continues to be stubborn the longer we’ll suffer.  It still baffles me people don’t think he deserved any blame in a 2 win season last year, it’s insane that we hired the only guy worse then McDaniels and fans aren’t willing to question that maybe he had a good amount to do with a 2 win season last year despite the fact we talked our selves into thinking that was on the Panthers FO. That’s not looking like the case any more. It’s foolish not to think a guy that HEAD coaches a team didn’t have a good amount of blame to take in a 2 win season.

If Fox isn’t going to change how he was the last few years in Carolina and adapt to this team and the rest of the league, then Elway, Xanders, and Bowlen need to man up, admit their mistake, and get rid of Fox at the end of the year, though I’m not sure how much trust any of them deserve after all that crock about transparency. I’m willing to see Fox out the rest of the year(though he’s lost my support already and I may not feel that way in a couple weeks if we don’t see any improvement) to see if he can turn it around at all(and I’m not really referring to wins, but rather his coaching), if he can, I’d gladly eat crow, but for now, there’s no way I’m sitting back in silence or supporting John Fox as a good coach.  I’m sure some will completely misconstrue this and call me a bad fan, and to you a say drink a cup of coffee and wake up before it’s too late. 

Go Broncos!

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