TeeSlice Tales: The Reason

Well Broncos Country that was sure hard to watch.  The Super Bowl Champ Packers sure showed a thing or two on how to be a champion.  Sitting there watching the game I found myself sadly not as angry as I was the past two losses.  Maybe it was because I was extremely hungover or the fact that I sort of saw this coming.  I'm going to go with hungover because I never expect the Broncos to lose, not now, not ever!  This game sure left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  I really thought we could hang with the Pack.  We moved the ball fairly well and our D was doing good early but just couldnt quite hold Rogers and the Pack back forever.  The offense needed to take the pressure off the D but sadly that is not what happen.  So now I give you The Reason,  the reasons why we are what we are, a 1-3 team through the first quarter of a long NFL season. Now jump with me, not off a cliff I know we all feel like we should right now, but with me on this piece.

Let me just say this first, going the Chico State for two years, the town in which Aaron Rogers is from, I find myself being a huge fan of his.  How could you not, the guy is simply that good.  I am a huge fan of good QB's and Rogers is simply on another level right now.  He picked our pass D apart.  It was almost too easy for him.  Anyways we all saw it and if you didn't well it may be hard to watch. 

Kyle Orton,  I feel bad for this guy.  I was a huge believer of him after his first year with us.  But boy does he just leave me with anger week in and week out.  I have just about had it with him the past 2 seasons and it really sucks cause I want him to succeed.  I just get pumped thinking of what we could be with Timmy in but he once again takes the back seat.  One day Broncos Country one day.  Yeah we don't know what the outcome might be if Tebow starts these last 4 games because you can't simply predict that.  I for one think we would be 2-2 which is only a 1 game improvement but it is still an improvement for a rebuilding team.  But like I said we will never know.  Orton has got to stop with the turnovers and if it continues next week against San Diego we may see the fans rush the field and carry him out of the stadium themselves. 

Which leaves me to The Reason.  TURNOVERS to me is the main reason we are what we are, a 1-3 last place team.  Kyle Orton has 7 turnovers, 6 Interceptions and one fumble in 4 games.  That is not going to get it done in this league.  And to make it worst he does it and almost the worst possible times.  We cannot have pick sixes those are game changers.  And we can't have turnovers in the red zone.  Knowshon also lost 1 fumble which is a habit of his just like slipping and getting hurt.  A shocking thing to me is the 4 fumbles lost by our receivers and tight ends.  This all needs to be addressed asap by the coaches or this season could be even worst than last year.  Something that I just can't stomach.

John Fox the stubborn one.  I like many of you are beginning to question the hire of Fox.  Not because I don't think he is a good coach but because of his stubborn ways.  It drives me sick.  His answer to keep Tebow on the bench is like a broken record.  Okay John we get that Orton gives the team the best chance to win but were losing more than winning.  Just another frustration of mine.  And to not put Tebow in during garbage time just annoys me even more.

Cassius Vaughn.  People give Orton a bunch of crap but lets not forget about sir Cassius here.  He is simply getting beat week in and week out.  He will continue to be picked on until Champ decides to suck it up and earn his money.  Cassius if you're reading this, get your act together or just go take a seat on the bench.  The big plays he gives up are hurting are young D badly. 

Well Broncos Country that is all I have for you this week.  Lets hope for the best next week against Phyliss and his merry men.  I for one hate the Chargers dearly and hope we give them a good ole fashion Orange Crush beat down.  Especially you Phillip "cry me a" Rivers. 

Until next time you stay classy Broncos Country

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