I saw it with my own eyes

Being a Bronco fan in Wisconsin I was super excited to see my beloved team in person. Like many fans, I could feel the soft warmth of optimism wash over me on Sunday morning. Hey, if we played well, we could win. Doom is back? Heck yeah. This could be our day, why not.

Turns out Mr. Rogers had a great feeling too.

A few things about me. 1. Married a Packer girl, and Sundays in my house stink cus she's not shy about letting me know who has the better team. 2. Moved to Wisconsin this year, so living in Packerland is new to me. 3. I hate watching the Broncos lose. Always did, always will.

So there I am in the Shadow of Lambeau, wearing the Tebow Jersey my father bought me even though we'd had the "No current player's jerseys cus that Cutler Jersey in my closet is befouling my house" talk. I like Tebow, I want him to play, but I wasn't ready to represent the Tebow fans into the green green heart of Packer Party Land. But I vowed to never lose my cool, never give into the comments, and as it turns out everybody has an opinion about Timmy. Little kids asked me if he was going to play. Old women said he's a nice boy. Some dude in the bathroom said Tebow sucks. Whatever. I came to watch the game, not have a four hour Tebow discussion. 

And then I had to watch my Broncos go out and get shredded.  We were in this game is worst part, then the pick six, onside kick, and that was that, the pack were off and running. How in the world did I think we were going to win? Dang kool-aid is strong. But there are reasons for hope.

- Von Miller is the real deal. He is so fast off the edge. Love that guy.

- Decker is growing each and everyday. He's that strong receiver that is always open that we've been missing.

- There's no where to go but up. 

- The running game was good to see. Its coming, we can beat lesser teams, we've just got to get better every week.

-` Ill let others talk about the negatives, and there are a ton. Orton, I'm looking at you.


I was great to see all the bronco fans standing out in that sea of green. The product is crap these days, but I still love being a bronco fan. Best fans in the world, I just can't wait till we have a team that matches our passion and love. Thanks to all the Packer fans that were cool to me, great people, and man, that are having the best time right now. Its good to be the king, now lets go get the crown.

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