I don't blame Kyle Orton

Despite what I have said in my recent posts and comments, I do not blame Orton for the Broncos' record. Don't get me wrong, I do blame him for his mistakes, and I do think he bears a large part of the responsibility for the losses to Oakland and Tennessee. But that is just who he is. Those are mistakes he makes and we can expect him to continue to make them. He is who he is and it is not his fault.

The blame for a 1-3 record goes directly to our shiny new coaching staff. I know, I know, people are going to ask me, "what do you expect a guy to do with the guys on the roster right now?". And that is a valid point. One small caveat. Kyle Orton.

As said above, he is who he is. Everyone knows it. The MSM knows it. The fans know. Hell, even the Packers' fans know it. And John Fox knows it, and if he doesn't then the Broncos are in very serious trouble. So everyone knows it. That means that the fact that he is still making mistakes that cost us close games or embarrass us in games that are out of hand is Coach Fox's fault. He is making the decision to play Kyle Orton, knowing the type of player he is.

Now I am not saying that Tebow would have necessarily won us any of the games we have lost (although I do believe he would have won at least the Oakland game), but playing him would have been a smart coaching move for several reasons.

1. Although I do not believe it for a minute, there are some who sincerely think that Orton is our best chance to win right now. Well guess what, even with our "best chance" on the field we are not getting it done. So putting Tebow in the game would have been a smart move, because even if he doesn't give us a better chance to win than Orton does, at least we could find out if he can be the guy for the future or if we need to address QB in the offseason.

2. From a PR standpoint playing Tebow would be a smart move because it would appease a restless fan base. And guess what EFX; the fan base pays your salaries through ticket and merchandise revenue, not to mention the fact that without a fan base, no one would pay to advertise during the games. You're welcome boys, I know you're making a good living courtesy of all of us. Given that fact, appeasing the fan base might be a good idea, don't you think? If they don't do something to change the direction this team is going, we are going to turn into the Oakland Raiders of the previous decade, with the home games all blacked out because no one is buying tickets.

3. Playing anyone other than Orton would be a smart coaching move because right now, Fox looks like an idiot. He is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Last time I checked, that is the textbook definition of insanity. Fox and McCoy are doing the opposing DCs' jobs for them. All they have to do is look at the game films from the last four weeks and they know exactly what they are going to see from the Broncos as far as personnel goes. Our arguably most difficult to prepare for weapon can't get on the field for anything more than a couple of pointless receiver reps and one equally useless run up the gut which was a completely wasted play call. Right now, the Broncos' offense is scaring no one.

Unfortunately, the above problems are not the only ones to be laid at the feet of coach Fox. In addition to them, there was the completely unforgivable onside kick from the Packers in the first half. That was plain and simple, a case of the opponent completely outguessing Fox and his staff.

Then there was the fourth and goal call from the Tennessee game. Okay Coach, I know that you were desperate to get the ball in the endzone and create a little breathing room on the scoreboard. And I know it was only one yard to go. But you know what, when you are in a game on the road that is a defensive struggle with points hard to come by and you are already in the lead, you take the damn points and kick the field goal. That would have given us a full touchdown lead for God's sake. Not only did you not get the ball in the endzone with that vanilla play call, but you gave Tennessee the momentum which they then took advantage of to drive down the field for the winning score. That is a problem!

Last but not least, I place full blame on coach Fox for the division in the fan base. It would be very simple to quiet most of the rhetoric. He could do it in either one of two ways.

1. Play Tebow.

2. Stop lying to the fans and tell us why Tebow is not given a chance to develop in a season that is going nowhere. If he is not the guy for the future, just be honest about it and tell us that is the reason he is not getting on the field. But the line about KO being the best chance to win is a load of crap. I am sick of being lied to.

The fans are not dumb. Some of us, like me, have watched football our entire lives. To the coaches and FO staff of the Broncos, do not treat us like we are stupid. We know when we are seeing good play and when we are not. We can see when a player is good at his job and when he is not. Do not put sugar on a pile of shit and tell us it is candy. "Orton gives us the best chance to win now." Oh, I mean, "Orton needs time to learn the new system." Oh, I mean, "We are going to be transparent." Statements like these coupled with the actions that have been taken (or not taken) are an insult to my intelligence. Give us the plain unvarnished truth. I'm all grown up, I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

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