Many foxes grow gray but few grow good - Benjamin Franklin


I thought that the cupboard was bare in Carolina...

At least that’s what I was told. And now that Fox is out of town the panthers are infinitely more competitive and are launching an aerial assault that makes me glad we don’t have to play them this year. On the other hand the Broncos passing attack has taken a large step in the other direction.


I know Fox isn’t completely responsible for the play calling, but if I were him and I heard another bubble screen to Lloyd come over my headset I would veto that garbage so fast McCoy’s feelings would be hurt. And if he called it again I would personally walk over and rip his play sheet out of his childlike hands. Lloyd goes deep and makes difficult catches better than 99% of receivers in this league, now only if Orton could get it back there to him. I digress

Lastly, and this is just my read, when the pack successfully and easily recovered the onside kick Fox looked as if, "I didn’t even know you could do that, I thought that onside kicks are reserved for the end of games."

I worry about fox and his stubborn and antiquated style of play…It has worked for him in the past to the tune of .500 ball. Yet, he seems reluctant to alter his style to accommodate the personnel on his roster.  

I have this friend that I always play ping-pong with and as youths he discover that if he put a little backspin on the ball it would go directly into the net (If I didn’t counter his English). It worked for quite awhile as I struggled to improve my spin game; however, as I became more creative with my shot making and English he continued to lean on his backspin. Now a days his slow-ass backspin shots are fodder and I really enjoy toying with him as I constantly skunk him and leave little ping-pong ball welts all over his chest.

Moral of the story… well I think you get the point.

Tebow will need more creative plays and play calling to maximize his potential. And that’s what worries me most about Fox, I really do not know if he has it in him. Tebow’s second dimension will: open running lanes, uncover receivers, make the Oline look better, move the chains, and force other D coordinators to change the way they game plan this team. That’s if Fox has the sack to put the type of offense in place that maximizes his ability. I do believe that Tebow will get his chance this season and I think Fox understands that as well, I hope that he and McCoy are drawing stuff up in preparation for that day.

I’ve listened to many of the opinions about the Front office as it relates to their plans with Tebow and sadly I have landed on the opinion that it is a money matter. Meaning that the front office will wait until it is impossible for Tebow to collect on his contract escalators and once that money is safe in the bank Tebow will take the field. If this is the case, can you really put  this on fox? In all fairness to Fox, I put this on the front office and events of the recent past support this tightened wallet approach from them. I recall back when Elway was on the hunt for former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, ultimately the price tag was too high. 9 million was too high for a bright minded young coach so they saved the scratch and went for the only coach with a worse record that our 2010 Denver Broncos. The phrase "you get what you paid for" might come back to haunt the Broncos, and Unfortunately for us Fox did not come as cheap as he should’ve.

Here’s to hoping Fox much success in his Bronco future… Go Broncos!

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