Wake Up Coach Fox: Start Tebow Now

Looking ahead to our remaining 12 games, one is struck by how unforgiving our schedule is.  With the way our defense was destroyed and with our health issues its hard to see us being favored to win many of our remaining games.  We would be favored at Miami (hopefully) and at MInnesota (hopefully) but no guarantees.  We may be underdogs in our last 12 games.  Some of the remaining games could be blowouts:

1.  2 Games against the Chargers who we have struggled terribly against for the last 5 or 6 years

2.  Buffalo and New England will both be heavy favorites against us...especially the Patriots.  Watching the Patriots control and dominate the Raiders makes me uneasy how we would hold up.  

3.  At the Raiders, unless they self destruct, hard to picture us stopping the Darren McFadden express

4.  2 games against the Chiefs, who finally showed a little life.  Suddenly the Chiefs are not a walk over for us.

5.  Jets are a mess, but will probably get  it together to beat us.

6.  The Vikings are  a great first half team and collapse in the second half....we should have a shot.

7.  Chicago.....and the return of Jay Cutler....unfortunately his friend Matt Forte will be making the trip as well. Advantage Team Punk....hard to see us winning that one

8.  The Detroit Lions are for real and we are not in their league....they will a huge test for us and anyone else that they play.  


If we add it up, we are looking at 3 and 13...maybe 2 and 14.  Best case scenario if we get our act together and split with the Chiefs, beat the Vikings and Dolphins....we get to 5 and 11.  

Which makes it frickin baffling that Coach Fox, Elway and Xanders are going to play Orton the whole season.  Orton and Quinn will be free agents, neither will stay in Denver.  Orton is a career mediocre quarterback who has won 6 out of his last 28 starts.  He will make a nice back up next year somewhere else.  

We should be starting Tim Tebow right now....we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If Tim does well and gets valuable game experience wonderful for us.  If Tim is terrible and isnt going to be a good quarterback then we can draft a quarterback (andrew luck, matt barkley, or landry Jones).  If we suffer through Orton for 13 more weeks then we will have no idea what Tebow can do.

Coach Fox needs to see the light and give Tebow  a real chance to succeed or fail as the starter...not the lame one play nonsense of last week.  Wake up Coach Fox, Bronco Nation needs you to start Tebow now.  

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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