We Need a New Mindset at Coach

Both as a Head Coach, but I believe more so in the Offensive Coordinator. You can't get much more vanilla than the Broncos Offense has been this year, and they have 1 win to show for it.

We need a coaching change bad. Not necessarily at Head Coach, but at Offensive Coordinator. Now unless Fox would be willing to give all offensive responsibilities to the O-Coordinator then we would probably need a different Head Coach too.

Kyle Orton gives Coach Fox and Coach McCoy the best chance to win in the system they run. The only problem is that the system is sooo 5 years ago. You need to be able to sling it effectively and ALOT, but also be able run consistently when needed. Denver has all the pieces to do this, except at the QB position (I'm Looking at YOU KYLE). RB: Willis McGahee, and KnowMo can be effective, if you can throw the ball well, which we can't really, I mean Orton's deep accuracy combined with his arm strength are really bad. McDaniels tried to do it, and Orton put up good numbers, but as anyone can tell you, they were drastically inflated, based on a lot of things. WR: Decker, Lloyd, Royal (when Healthy), DT (when Healthy) is a really good receiving corps

Orton sucks, which is why we need a new coach (and QB). IF you want to start Orton and try to win than Denver is doing the right thing, except for the starting Orton and trying to win of course. To have Orton win like this, you need a legitimate running game, and a defense that knows how to get off the field, and Denver currently has neither.

IMO Denver's best chance to win, is get a different offensive mindset, put in Tebow and run the GD spread offense. The Patriots do it, the Colts do it, the Saints do it. It works, it just looks a bit different from NCAA's version of the spread. But IT IS THE SPREAD OFFENSE. Now I'm not saying Tim Tebow will ever be able to sling it with Brady Manning, and Brees. But he can become EXTREMELY effective in his own version. Lots of Shotgun, and lots of running, bubble screens, slants, and the occasional Deep Ball. Run Spread plays that suit his style. Go 5 WR and run a QB draw on first down, 4 wide 1 RB with a read option, 3wr Julius Thomas, and an RB run a read option. Get Knowmo, and McGahee in and run a triple option. then go to the same formation and throw for 3 straight plays. This is basically what they did against Houston on that final drive. Tim is not effective under center... SO WHAT!!! WHAT RULE SAYS YOU HAVE TO BE!!! capable under center, yes. But you don't have to be Great at playing under center.

Two  guys I would love to see get a shot at O-Coordinator (but probably never will):

Urban Meyer: No one knows Tim better. He knows his Strengths and Weaknesses, he knows what works and what doesn't with Tebow

Chip Kelly: Quick paced, spread offense, and he's got the best in College Football right now. Also if he was a Head Coach his team would be extremely well conditioned. If you have never watched Oregon play, then do so ASAP.

Also even if we get a top 5 pick, we should use it on defense. Landry Jones is really good, but I would rather get Kirkpatrick in the first, and get a RG3 out of Baylor for QB in the 2nd. For those who don't know RG3, the book on him is Mike Vick athleticism, but would rather throw than run. He does rack up a decent number of rushing yards, but nearly all are on DESIGNED RUNS. He goes through a progression now better than just about any other "athletic" QB has (at this stage) including Tebow, Vick, and Cam Newton. Right now he is better at reading defenses (albeit NCAA) than Tebow/Newton. Does not look to tuck and run if first receiver is covered. Scrambles to pass NOT to run.

Anyway none of this will probably ever happen, because cool s*** like this doesn't happen to Denver. At least it was good news to hear that we switched jersey colors back to orange.

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