Lions vs Broncos: The No Bull Review

This week is such a hard review for me for a couple reasons:

1)  I watched most of the game on fast forward.  Many of the readers on the site can't stomach close losses in the least...I'm the opposite.  I can't stand not being in a game at all.  If I didn't have a DVR, I would have walked away from the game for an hour or so towards the end of the 2nd Quarter.  This obviously makes it hard for me to review a game.  I'm still going to give my best even if it isn't up to I guess I'm really embracing my team this week.

2)  Truly I have a lot of negativity towards our team this week...not just Tebow, so while I'll give him his fair due I am just bent at our team from top to bottom.  That makes my reviews pretty hard...I always like to find the good stuff to talk about and there was very little in this game. 

So I'll jump in anyway and hope there is some good that comes of it. I'm starting with the defense this week as they deserve the first servings of this pile of dung we have to talk about.  :)



  • Remember in the off-season how we were feeling pretty good about our secondary?  Yeah, they are our greatest liability.  We are so talent-thin at CB and Safety right now.  Champ can't cover everyone.  Dawkins doesn't have the jets to defend the pass any more.  Harris is making progress, but he's too young and doesn't have all the tools yet.  The weakness in our defense is not our D-line.  It is our secondary.  The Lions exposed it this week.  I'm with most in thinking that you should develop your team through the draft, etc...but to me this year we need to do whatever it takes to secure a better some big bucks to get safety and CB help in the off-season.
  • While Allen didn't do much to help the pass rush (where were the blitzes???), the front 7 did very poorly at causing any kind of duress to the Lions.  Everyone who watches football knows that Stafford is superb when he isn't HAVE to get in his grill and our guys didn't do it.
  • Can you tell me a linebacker that had an impact on the game?  Granted I skipped watching closely half the game or more, but I didn't see one.  What happened to our MLB savior Mays?  How about DJ...did he get a week off because of his game-winning forced fumble?  Miller is such a stud rookie...did he help us do anything other than sniff out a screen play early on?  Linebackers need to impact the game at a much higher level than they did this week.
  • I get the feeling that our defense is starting to get figured out...we saw this a couple years ago after we went 6-0...the league figured us out and everyone started tearing us up.  I'm hoping that isn't the case though...the Lions have such a dangerous and talented offense.  I hope it was just an outlier from a poor match-up.



  • Let's start off with the highly-touted 1st round stud pick of the past couple years.  It is amazing to me how hyped this guy is and how little he shows.  This is probably one of the biggest wastes of the recent drafts by our Broncos.  Knowshon Moreno has no business being given more than like 5 carries a game.  He struts like a rooster after a 1 yard gain.  He doesn't run with vision.   It was sad to watch him try to run this week.  Yeah he had a couple decent runs, but most of the good ball carrying was done by Ball.
  • I'm not going to say much about Tebow because everyone else has said plenty.  I'll just lay out my opinion and leave it at that:  This is an audition for Tebow.  Here's the score:  1 game - meh, 1 game - you aren't ever going to be an NFL QB.  Now I'm not saying the jury is in on him...I still want to see him make progress and win us some football games, but after his one week of magic, he now has a resounding "NO" vote from where I stand.  I don't know if I give him 9 more games...if he doesn't show some progress especially on 3rd down in the next 2-3 weeks, I yank him and put his sorry rear on the bench.  We will not win a game ever with him not converting 3rd downs.  And enough with excuses...he's got the ball in his hand.  Make a is what you do right?  You are a gamer right?  Well the game was on and you left this fan sorely wanting.  And it goes without saying your accuracy completely sucks eggs.  If you just learn not to overthrow your deep passes, we would have had a chance to be in the game.
  • Here's the spotlight for the game:  Eric Decker is a legit WR.  He should have had a TD on the first drive and was robbed.  I don't see how the refs for a second didn't think that was a catch in the end zone.  I will say he should take away from that that he needs to always drag the 2nd foot...even if it means falling on your face.  Don't let the refs get a chance to take it away...cause they will.
  • Please don't hype Ball too much people...he's a dime a dozen player.  I'm still unimpressed with him.



  • McCoy:  Mabye you should listen to the broadcasters a bit...John Lynch nailed it - if you are going to play a young QB like Tebow, get short timing passes going early to get him into the groove.  Screens, slants, curls, get him going early and get the defense to respect the pass a little.  You are playing it backwards with QB draws and deep passes that have a low chance of success because your QB doesn't throw them accurately.  I did like how we were taking shots down field this game.  But I don't think for a second the coaching complemented our offense in how the plays were called.
  • Allen:  This was such a boring and underwhelming game plan.  I was hoping to see some adjustment at half time, but I didn't see it.  Why would you not dial up the blitz on these Lions and go man coverage?  Also, whey in the world did you not have Bailey manned up on Johnson every play?  These are two basic things that any arm-chair coach sitting at home knows makes sense.  Were you trying to prove everyone else wrong?  Cause you didn't...our defense sucked and your play calling was one of the primary reasons to me. 

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