TeeSlice Tales: The Civil War and An NFL World Divided

Well ladies and gentlemen the worst happen Sunday.  The Broncos were blown out by the Detroit Lions 45-10 at Mile High.  To make matters worst Tim Tebow played his second bad game.  At what cost do we as fans have to witness this horror.  This hurts bad.  I feel a deep pain in me like the first time I had my heart broken a year ago.  The world of the NFL is divided.  The world of the Denver Broncos is divided.  In my 23 years of living I have never seen anything quite as crazy as the "Tebow Thing".  What does it take for a Quarterback to develop his game in peace as we see with youngsters Blaine Gabbart and Christian Ponder and even Colt McCoy.  Unfortunately for Tebow that will never happen and it leaves the NFL world divided.  His doubters want him to fail in a way I have never seen and us who stand beside him until the end are left angry and hurt by the hate towards the football worlds most polarizing figure.  Today I write this in a sense of anger and sadness for the one man who I fear may never get the chance to succeed in the NFL. 


Yesterday in Tim Tebow's fifth career start we witnessed an absolute blowout.  And Tebow didn't do any favors for himself by playing an awful game once again.  There was no Tebow Magic in this game as the team just looked out played and out matched against a tough and up and coming Detroit Lions team.  Tebow was mocked by those in the other uniform "Tebowing" when he was sacked.  Tebow was left in a world of array and looked lost and disoriented out there on that football field.  What this does is sadly bring more debate and hate towards Tebow.  The Hodges, Carters, Boomers, and even the Orton fans are smiling calling him names and saying I told you so.  It is sickening to see.  Everyone I know who knows I am a Broncos fan is texting me telling me Tebow sucks, he is terrible, why would you name your dog after him and it's time to move on.  But I am for one am not giving up on this player.  And neither should any other Broncos fan.  

I know the stats from the last two games so you don't have to sit there and point them out to me.  I sat through every 60 minutes of that game yesterday and not once booed or cried for Tebows head.  He has had 5 career starts and I am not writing him off after a couple of bad games.  The fact is the whole Broncos team is a BAD football team.  Tebow is the quarter back and he will get the blame and that is okay because he will be the first one to say the game falls on his shoulders.  He is not going to hide in shame, he is going to admit his mistakes and continue to get better.  You see glimpses of greatness in his 5 and a half career games.  That first drive should of resulted in a Touchdown and I don't see what Walt Colmean the head referee didn't see in that replay.  That was a touchdown and a great pass by Tebow. After that things just fell apart for the Broncos the momentum swung and the dagger was struck.  Game over, No hope for Tebow. 

And so it began the NFL world divided.  The media begins licking there chops and the haters begin to hate.  But us real Broncos fans also become divided and it's a sad thing to see.  We should be encouraging Tebow and the team not becoming a civil war fan base.  All for one and one for all.  We all want the Broncos to succeed and patience is the only way.  As for the media haters out there, let them keep hating on this franchise and its larger than life Quarterback.  Let them keep injecting fuel into the lions heart.  Let them continue to do there jobs. Which is offer an opinion even though now a days there opinions don't really matter because the NFL fan these days is pretty much as knowledgeable as them if not more. 

Which leads me to my next point.  What about the other young QBs in this league?  Everyone is on the Cam Newton band wagon but facts are facts his team is still 2-5.  He's putting up the pretty numbers and he throws a pretty deep ball but is that all equaling wins, you tell me the records don't lie.  What about the boy with the Golden locks Mr. Sunshine Blaine Gabbart.  Have you seen the guys last 2 starts.  Atrocious,  But where is this guys haters?  If there are any please come on down because I have yet to see them on any NFL talk show.  What about Elway's first season?  People forget the struggles he went through.  What about Peyton Manning's 28 interceptions his rookie season? People need to be calm and let this thing play out.  I hate to use the race card but our the Chris Carters and Keyshawn Johnson racist towards Tebow.  They will praise Cam with his 2-5 record but not give one good comment about the 1-1 Tebow.  And so the NFL world continues to be divided. Did you hear the Podcast between Skip Bayless and Chris Carter.  Carter doesn't wanna say one good thing about Tebow.  He has already written him off.  And good ole Skip seems to be Tebow's only savior in the media right now.  Although I do disagree with his comment about Elway and Fox wanting Tim to fail.

My next point is this Fox and Elway have got to do a better job with this situation.  They have to get in Tebows corner and teach him how to be and effective NFL QB.  They have to back him.  They are the leaders of this franchise and it is there jobs to get Tebow and this team to play to its full potential.  I live in Raider Country out here in Northern California and if they don't have Tebow and the offense on the same page next week.  Then something has got to be done.  The play calling after the first series yesterday was predictable and not once did it compliment Tebows strengths.  He can be effective I have seen it and so have you.  If Mike McCoy keeps this up there is no way in hell Tebow will ever be effective and the haters will continue to poor down on this poor kid.  I for one hope McCoy moves on next season and we bring in the one man who knows Tebows strengths and weaknesses more than any person on this planet. Urban Meyer!  Call me whatever you want but this man knows how to get the best out of Tebow. I am even with the thought of bringing him in now to work with McCoy and Fox and Tebow to get the best out of him. 

Whatever the fact the NFL world will continue to be divided by this young man Tim Tebow.  The fact is no one is right yet.  The kids started 5 career games and he is 2-3 as a starter.  Time will tell with Tebow.  Whether that's as a Denver Bronco or some other NFL franchise.  As for us Broncos fans entitled in this civil war.  My thought to you is to just stop it and be proud to be a fan of one of the most successful sports franchises there is.  It hurts to lose but hurts more to be divided.  We must be patient with this team.  We must be patient with Tebow.  Most importantly we must be patient with each other because in the end we all want the same thing, a Win. 

My focus is now shifted towards Raider Week.  Our most hated rival.  They barely edged us in week one now it's time for us to return the favor.  Lets make Carson Palmer regret he got off the couch.  Until next time Broncos Country and as always God Bless!

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