What's happening to Tebow is what's happened to Orton...

And could that, my friends, be one Mike McCoy? Seriously, think about it for a minute.

Like Orton or not, you have to admit he's a pretty darn good passer of the ball. But wow, what happened to Orton?

Mike Klis of the Post will tell you it was the pressure of Tebowmania. But, Klis would say that. Last year, Tebow, while raw and without much practice, was putting up 25 points per game and making throws (not perfect or pretty, mind you, but making them and being successful).

Now, both Orton and Tebow have regressed. Yes, both have regressed. I'm betting if Quinn were to go in, he'd regress. Anyone realize that in Sunday's game against the Lions, against an eight man, jail break rush, McCoy called one (yes, you read that right) screen pass, and that was with about 2:00 minutes to go?

John Lynch, doing the broadcast for Fox, was screaming all game about the need for quick passes for a young QB, not only to get him in rythym but to break the eight man front.

Yes, we spread it out, changed up the offense, and then constantly called routes down field agains that rush. Really?

I'm not knocking the job of the Offensive Coordinator as a whole, but I am questioning whether or not McCoy can call a game. Some people have it for calling the plays of a game, and some don't. I'm thinking McCoy doesn't.

You can change the offense to meet the player all you want, but if you can't call the game it won't matter who's QBing,

Think about it. Why did Orton get pulled in the San Diego game? Yeah, he was something like 4 of 16 (or something) and ineffective. Notice now how that's basically what we've seen from Tebow as the starter too. While I admit TT could get more accurate, and we could have a few less drops (Orton had drops too), the fact remains that no one was open for Orton to throw to in that San Diego game.

Now, with a jail break rushing gunning for Tebow, no one's been getting open down field. But then, what in the heck are the routes being run downfield when facing a jailbreak rush in the first place? Sure, you connect on one and it'll break the eight man in the box bull rush, but with a young, raw quarterback the chances of that connection happening are pretty slim.

Now, when I'm saying down field, I'm not saying DEEP, just too far down for the reciever to be open against that rush.

Bottom line, there's a common denominator for the regression of BOTH quarterbacks, and I think it's been the play calling.

A lot of people have been questioning the play calling and getting the answer that "we have used spread formations, wide sets, etc...."

 That's true, but just because that's the formation doesn't mean the play that's called with it is any good. You can't expect ANY quarterback to have much success against a jail break when the routes are too far down field.

I'm not laying this ALL on McCoy, but something has caused the regression of not one, but TWO quarterbacks. While I admit that many who attended camp said Tebow showed signs of regression then, what do you say about Orton. He clearly regressed, and I'm not buying Klis' ridiculous comments that Orton's regression was due to Tebowmania. That's just stupid. Orton's more professional than that.

In all fairness to Orton, he didn't have anyone to throw to much of the time too. And he's a heck of a lot more experienced in knowing where to go with the ball than Tebow.

I think we as fans should perhaps quit worrying as much about who's QBing at all and more about what's happening with the offense as a whole. I'm afraid we could draft Luck and ruin him too.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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