Lessons from the Detroit game.

So what did we learn from the Detroit game? Here's what I learned.

1. First and foremost: We are not as good as the Detroit Lions, plain and simple. Detroit is 6-2 and Denver is 2-5 for a reason.  Outplayed for 60 minutes. It happens and frankly should happen when cellar dwellers play top-tier teams.

2. Our coaching staff doesn't excel at in-game adjustments. We mostly tried the same thing on offense for the first 58 minutes. McCoy? Fox? I don't know who to blame but the coaching was completely unimaginative. When your losing by 30+ points, it's a great chance to try something new. This is really discouraging because I'm afraid we're stuck with this crew for awhile. Here's hoping they improve.

3. Our defense is too young and too old. Nothing in between. We should get better after a few more drafts, but our defense sucks right now. We allow WAY too many points. Too many oldies in the secondary. 

4. Our OLine has serious problems much of the time. Pass protection was terrible (Detroit has a good Dline). Detroit is a team that will show you the hard way whether your OLine is worth much. Ours is so young and inexperienced. Hopefully it can improve with more time together.

5. Our receivers are a mixed bag. Royal didn't look good again. I wish we didn't have to use him on offense and could keep him on ST.

6. Of course everyone is talking about Tebow. The haters are out in full force, and everyone seems to know enough to make a call one way or the other after 2 starts. I don't have enough info yet. The next game will tell us a lot IMO. I saw some improvement actually at times. I think most NFL QB's would have struggled with that protection and those play calls. I think judging Tebow by that game is hugely irresponsible. He sucked but so did Drew Brees this week. (And Rivers is sucking as I type this).

7. I followed the comments here on MHR during the game. It was disgusting. I enjoy this site when people are level headed, but it seemed like many fans here were completely out of control. When our team is playing that poorly, the least we can do is try to be level headed and stand in solidarity as Bronco fans. When we let hating or loving Tebow get in the way of standing in solidarity during a tough loss, we allow Josh McDaniels to beat us. He left us in one hell of a mess with a raw 1st round QB, a 1st round QB bust, and a (let's be honest) 2nd stringer but no starter. We're also left with a ton of wasted draft picks. Don't let McDaniels win by ragging on other fans. 

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