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Where do we sit right now..... 4 games into another rebuild year, after a vastly shortened offseason.


It’s hard (impossible) to say anything definitively about how this team will turn out, one way or the other, right now. Our new team has been together for a whopping two months now, and 50% of our payroll has been on the bench, hurt, for most of these 4 games.  Why all the John Fox fan hate...... why this soon?


Foxy did have a stinker of a year last year, but he was without his bread and butter – Williams and Stewart – for most of the year….. they had a combined 3 rushing TD’s that year (7 total for the entire team). They were rolling with no name Mike Goodson at RB.

They had a rookie starting at QB in Jimmy Clausen (a crappy one at that…. they didn’t reach for him either). The QB who was supposed to take over completely regressed from the previous year (Matt Moore).

Peppers was let go by the FO, and Fox was rolling with the youngest team in football. So what Fox likes to run the ball, our Championship teams did as well. There’s more than one way to get it done.

Fox had one stinker of a year out of nine….. three of those years produced two 11-5 seasons and one 12-4 year…the remaining five were three 7-9 records and two 8-8’s. Some act like he’s already finished the year sitting at 1-15.  It's not ALL on him ya know!!!

We are 1-3… yeah it sucks, but boo hoo!!! Did you guys seriously expect us to be 4-0? Heck, we could easily be 3-1 right now if we had that extra time to gel, like some other teams had the luxury to do last year and beyond. Doom is back in the MF’n house….. Champ will be soon….. followed closely by Marcus Thomas….. promising young TE Julius Thomas…… stashed away stud Demaryius Thomas……. Clarence Thomas….. all kinds of other Thomas’…. and lastly, but not least, Fast Eddie Royal.  On a side note, I'm super excited to see what Marcus Thomas can do in an actual good defensive scheme - one that fits him as a player.  You know, the good defensive scheme we're building RIGHT NOW!!!

Ty Warren and Syd’Quan Thompson (our up and coming nickel corner) were hurt before we even began….. so add that up to the final tally as well.  If Warren were healthy, I have a feeling we'd all be REAL happy with him right about now.

I’m not going to rule one way or the other on John Fox until midway through next year. Since when were coaching hires completely judged on 4 GAMES???!!!!! Really and truly, when you have a roster as bad as our’s has been….. you really can’t judge anything until year 3!!!! Von Miller is Derrick Thomas reborn…… we have some other rooks who look promising as hell. GIVE IT TIME!!!

My #1 gripe right now is Kyle Orton, and that’s just because I was done with him 6 games into last year. Even old neckbeard has a chance to progress with the new O-Line scheme, and some new targets (look at what he’s accomplished in a short time with Decker). The ground game IS GOING TO GET BETTER AS WE MOVE ALONG….. so is the O-line play and Defense (they have already shown some life that was nonexistent last year…… does that not encourage you?). If Kyle keeps tanking, Timmy will get his shot….. but I’m done worrying about that….. it’s out of my control. I want to see our ground attack and young D progress…. and I want to see our best football being played in cold weather!!! GO BRONCOS!!!!!

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