I know its early but (draft)

The season is not lost but i love talking about the draft especailly with our team.

As i ilook to the draft this one is important to either where we can compete next year from the guys we bring in or we'll have a disapointed year again.  In the 2011 draft we took a big stride improving the d with some good players like Miller and Moore.  But the offense got some players too like Franklin and Thomas.  I liked the 2011 draft it was the draft in a long time to me that does'nt look like a bust.  But too be a playoff contender next year we gotta improve in some key positions and upgrade some talent

What we need (from what i think we need, its not in any order i just placed it)

CB= Champ is back but we have no one that can come in and play good across from him. Goodman isn't good and gets burned all the time. Prospects, Clairborne LSU, Kercpatrick Alabama, Jenkins Norhtern Alabama, Harris Oregon, Minnifield Virginia. An upgrade here would help especially against the wrs in the west.

RB= Willis is a stud but we have no one else as a threat as a runner.  Moreno is a bust and Fox loves 2 runningback committee. Prosepects, Richardson Alabama, Polk Washington, Gray Texas AM, Martin Boise St, Davis Arkansas (if he decides to come out) Ball Wisconsin.  I have noticed that we win more games when we run better, yeah this would help.

QB= Here is where some people would give me crap.  I beleive we need a new qb, no one on our roster is good or could lead us to a super bowl.  It is the most important position in the game.  John Elway beleives to win in this league you need an elite qb I agree with it.  Prospects, Luck Standford, Jones Oklahoma, Barkley USC, Tannehil Texas AM, Foles Arizona. I don't think we'll get Luck but in the first i see Jones as a big option in the first round. But if not in the first Foles in the 2nd would be an option.

OL= I don't think this as a big of a need.  Our line improved a lot through the season so far.  If they begin not to do good there could be an upgrade in the later rounds or in the early ones.  There are a lot of o line talent in this years draft . Prospects, Martin Standford, Kalil USC, Osemele Iowa St, Reiff Iowa, Glenn Georgia. Improveing the line helps both the run game and the passing game.

DT= the position has improved through free agentsy and good coaching.  But Elway and Fox wants to make the team better and younger through the drafting stage.  We are lacking a pass rush from the dt position and against bigger and better o lines like Oakland we could'nt stop the run. Prospects, Ta' amu Washington, Thompson Clemson, Worthy Michigan St, Winn Boise St, Chapman Alabama. This  would help Denver return to the Orange crush days that we all would love to have.

If you think i have missed something comment and tell me and post who you would like denver to draft and at what positions.  This draft is very important.  GO BRONCOS

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