Denver D kept us in the game

And Tebow made it a game. That is the how the the Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers game was played on October 9th, 2011. It was disappointing, yet it was fun. It was not an abject submission to a division rival that has dominated us for the past 5 years. The game was decided in the last second of the game and if we are to lose that is how I want our team to lose. Go down fighting! My thoughts on the game.


1. The defense proved again that it is a vastly improved unit from last year.

2. Run defense was a little iffy but we brought the wood on several occasions.

3. The red zone defense was excellent. In several attempts the Chargers get one touchdown.

4. Our sack attack continues. 5 sacks is impressive against a pretty stout Chargers offensive line

5. Defensive backfield was much better. But we gave away two critical plays, the touchdown pass to Floyd and the third down pass with 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. But overall the much better performance than last year. V-Jax was a non factor.

6. We won the turnover battle. That was nice to see.

7. My defensive stat of the day: 1st half - 23 points. 2nd half - 6 points. That against a "high octane" Charger offense. This despite the fact that the Broncos offense had multiple three and outs in the third quarter.


1. QB Play non existent in the first three quarters.Fourth quarter was exciting but not pretty. We cannot play that type of football for 4 quarters.

2. McGahee is proving that he was a great free agent signing.  125 yards. 7.8 yard per carry.

3. Moreno had a great touchdown effort.

4. Tebow injected passion into the offense and defense. These are the intangibles that will make him a great quarterback.

5. Offensive line did good. The Chargers' coverage was great, but the quarterbacks had all day to throw the ball.

On Tebow and Orton:

Orton was having an off day. Tebow after a slow start picked up the pace and the tempo of the offense. I am still not convinced Tebow is ready. I have no questions about his leadership and the excitement he brings. It is exciting to watch. But he is not comfortable under the center and he probably needs more snaps in practice. I just do not want his career trajectory to go down the Vince Young path. That is what I keep fearing when I think about his development. The QB draw plays need to be an exception and not the rule. Pretty soon defenses will wise up to his modus operandi and it is only a matter of time before he gets hurt. Hopefully he will continue to develop the traditional pocket QB plays as well.

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