Tebow Should Start Rest of the Season




Finally the game became fun to watch again.   Tim Tebow was in and all of the sudden you felt electricity in your veins as a fan, and a desire to give high fives.   I think the Denver defense has shown some improvement this season, but unfortunately you knew that when the defense made a stop the ball was going back to a Kyle Orton lead offense.  

In the second half of the San Diego game you knew that all the defense had to do was get the ball in Tebow’s hands and magic could happen.  And that’s exactly what came to fruition.  The defense caused a fumble and alakazam a touchdown to bring Denver on the verge of an epic come from behind victory.  A fatal third down coverage lapse allowed San Diego to all but seal the game.   Though, Even with 28 seconds left and needing a touchdown there was a chance.  




Through the preseason it became clear that the Tebow era was on hold.  However, coach Fox realized in the fifth game what Denver fans have known for a couple of seasons.  That Kyle Orton is a game manager and is not the guy to bring you back in a game.  Tebow is.  Whether it’s by throwing or running he makes things happen.  He lifts the play of his team mates.  He tries to get Brandon Lloyd the football.   He can fly..... or at least run out of danger on a busted play.


Fox smarter than McDaniels

I didn't think Fox would play Tebow, and instead, follow the same stubborn path as his predecessor to keep Orton in until the season had no hope.  I thought that this season would go down the same as last and only when an Orton lead team would be officially eliminated from playoff contention they would look at what they had in their first round draft pick.  Coach Fox seemed to be digging his feet in to show who was boss.  Like McDaniels did.  The former coach wouldn't even start the player he drafted to spite the fans.  

I've got to give it to John Fox to realize that it wasn’t working with Orton.  Maybe we aren’t fitted with another arrogant stubborn head coach who wanted to prove his authority even at the detriment of his team.   Maybe we have a coach who can put his ego aside and try to make things work.  A smart coach can identify when things aren't working it doesn't mean you were wrong.  It just means you have to find a better solution.


Moving On

Hopefully we can put this whole Orton thing behind us and get to see a season with Tebow at the helm.  If coach Fox wants to buy some time with fans while he loses he will start Tebow for the rest of the season.  How can he not after today's performance and giving his team a chance to win.  And who knows?  Maybe he will even win some games.

At least for one half it was a game I really didn’t want to take my eyes off of.  All I can say is that it's about time to get to watch a QB we want to root for.  


How Starting Tebow Changes The Draft and 2012 season

Denver looks to be good enough to be out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  There are at least three teams that are worse than Denver.  The Colts, Rams, Dolphins, and Browns.  You could even throw in the Cardinals and Jaguars as teams that are likely to have a worse record then Denver.   To have the top draft Denver would have to lose every game but 1 or 2.  Denver will win at least 4 games and maybe more.  

If Tebow starts and does well then Denver has one less hole they will be forced to fill.   Denver still has glaring needs at Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Safety, Cornerback, Interior O-Line. and Running Back.  If a premiere player at one of the positions were available with a top 10 pick it would be a shame if Denver would be forced to draft another QB in the first round in three years.  If Denver can find that Tebow can be their QB then the building process can speed up.


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