This is not an Anti-Tebow post. This is not a Pro-Tebow post. This is not a Tebow post. This is a post that asks a few questions about you as a fan and your expectations. I want to know what you expect of your team...

Do you have patience? 

Denver has been a team who has competed in the post season fairly regularly prior to 2006. As fans we are spoiled because we want the post season. That however wasn't enough after a while, we wanted Super Bowls and that demand I personally believe helped in the decision to draft Cutler. How many AFC Championships could Jake Plummer get us to before that would be unacceptable? We always want more as people and as fans. Not to be political but that is part of the reason we are in the mess we are in as Americans. We want more, more more. As Bronco fans we have done the same thing. We want more, more ,more. That's alright but lets think about some things here:

We have been devoid of talent for a while. 

We have had a few guys who have had talent but we had a roster that was almost completely devoid of talent outside of maybe 6 players since 2005. Our roster has been in complete shambles. Lots of prospects, lots of potential but we have never had a team that could field 22 players of SOLID talent. The Green Bay Packers are starting to do this. Not superstars at every position but solid players who know their role and do it. The Packers built through the draft, Made use of every pick finding guys who fit the scheme. It wasn't a one year thing it was over the course of many years. Which brings me to my next point.

We have to be ready for some bad seasons.

My brother is a packers fan. He is also a level-headed individual who knows what it means to cheer for a team that can not win more than 6 games. They then used those picks to address each and every position on the team. They brought in some free agents, but guys who could assist the team in teaching young players their role on a team. Did they hit gold every time? NO but they went back and rebuilt each time finding guys of value where they could. All this is good but you have to be ready to watch your team get 3-6 wins. 

You have to give your young players time.

Ok, a little about Tim Tebow. I don't know if he can succeed in the NFL. He has some work to do and I think he will put the effort in to fix what he is asked to. The thing is, as a coaching staff and a team you have to be willing to invest the time and effort into a guy like Tebow to make it work. We have used the, player A sat behind player B and look how he turned out in multiple fashions. Tebow doesn't need excuses, he needs opportunity. He needs opportunity to learn, fix and practice good solid fundamentals. The question becomes does Denver feel like they want to invest the time? I don't know and we wont know until Tebow is cut, traded or we draft a QB high. I will say this though and this is my only stance on Tebow now,

"If we do not invest any time in Tebow, it shows me that this staff from Bowlen down, does not want to invest time into players and develop them. We want 'NFL ready' players and we are destined to dwell in 7 or less wins like the Lions did for so long." 

Matt Millen was a decent player, Horrible Front Office guy. I hope that in five years we aren't saying the same about John Elway. I want to see some investment made in players by our staff or we look to go the way of the Bengals, Raiders, Lions, and Bills of so many seasons. 


So the Questions to ask yourself are:

Do You Have Patience?

Do You Accept Denver's Lack of Depth/ Talent?

Are You Prepared to Root Through Losing Seasons?

Are You Willing to Invest Time into Young Players?


Answer in the comments and as always-



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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