The 6 hour Drive Broncos vs. Lions Observations from the Stands

Hello MHR!!!! 

The Family and I just got back from a six hour drive from Denver to Albuquerque. We sat in the nosebleeds with a group of Lions fans during this past Sunday's game. I'm sad to say that our franchise has fallen far from grace since the last time I had the opportunity to view a game in person (1998). We are now a splintered group that has seen our team stripped down into something that resembles a football TEAM.

Here are a few of my observations on this years Broncos:

1) Our Defense isn't as bad as it seems but rather a victim of us not playing complimentary football. Our current offense does not do the defense any favors and this has been the case the entire season. There are some mistakes made by our young players but that should be expected. I like the scheme and we are a couple of play makers away from having a solid defense. This years Defense will improve once our offense can sustain a couple of drives.

2) Our offense is bland and predictable. I do not see any of our Qbs succeeding in an offense that does not play to the strengths of any of its players. The biggest problem is that our Wrs are playing roles that they shouldn't be playing. We currently do not have a deep threat on this team. Demaryius Thomas is not 100% and does not show the explosion off the snap consistently yet. I attribute this to rust and expect him to progress towards the end of the season into our deep ball threat that he was intended to be. Decker is currently playing that role, which is a mistake. I saw Decker call for the ball from Tebow on three different occasions when he thought he had a step on the CB but didnt realize that the safety over the top would have easily picked any pass that went his way. Decker should be used as a move the chains the chains receivers with the occasional play call that gets him behind the DBs. Decker has deceptive speed, but not elite speed. The Lions defensive game plan was simple, crash the middle and protect the sideline pass, because nothing was going over the middle. Our calls to the middle of the field were deep slants by receivers. We were basically running the same play over and over again just out of different formations. I think Mccoy thought he could fool the Lions defense by calling a deep slant from shotgun and then calling the same thing from the Qb under center. Not in the NFL buddy. 

3) With McGahee out i thought we would for sure see some tosses to get Moreno on the edge, but it did not happen. How about the option play that Cam Newton runs with his RBs. Nope. How about the screen game that plays to Moreno's strengths. Nope. Our running game was basically the Qb draw, which surprisingly worked for a few yards, even though anyone watching could see coming a mile away.


4)Note to Mccoy; A playaction pass when were in 3rd down and long doesn't fool any team!


5)A note to all of the Fans; Don't give up on a young Qb that has only started 5 games! During the game I was thinking that our last successful Qb was Jake Plummer and one reason why he was successful was, because he had an offense that was tailored to the strengths of him and all of his offensive mates. We weren't asking Rod Smith to go deep on every play.  


6)A note to Timothy Richard Tebow; Let the ball go! Play calling has held you back IMO, but you need to not be afraid of throwing the INT. You know your weaknesses and the only way to learn is by making some mistakes. Next time Decker calls for the ball let it rip and let him fight the safety for the ball. Orton was a victim of playing safe football and it got him benched. Just let it fly we are after all a 2-5 team with nothing to lose.


7)Julius Thomas we need you to emerge. On of our biggest weaknesses currently is not one of our TE's has a emerged as a solid safety valve for our young QB. Cam Newton has Shockey and Olsen to save him occasionally. We need JT to start showing us what made him the star of training camp. 


It was a long drive back to ABQ, but we got to see my favorite team and that is priceless. To all of the true fans out there stick by our TEAM! "A toast to the future may it bring us more wins. I'm Not a Writer, I'm not a Writer! "

BTW Broncos 24 Raiders 20 this Sunday!





This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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