Enough Tebow talk - It's Freaking Raider Week

In a plea to all of us who are Broncos fans first and foremost, let me say it's time to take the discussion back to what matters, and that is next week's game against the hated Raiders.


For one week, let this quit being the freaking Tim Tebow sideshow known as the Broncos and let's focus on the freaking football game.  I don't know about you, but the last time I remember beating the Raiders is too long ago.  So let me expound upon the hate.

If last year's debacle at Mile High didn't make you want to go and stomp McD and the rest of the coaching staff's collective ass, then I have to question your faith as a Broncos fan.

My hatred for the Raiders goes back now four decades to the 70's when I was but a wee lad growing up in what would be a small town of Castle Rock.  Let me say my hatred of the Raiders was bred in early at the begining of the Orange Crush era, yes a time before Tim Tebow, before McD, before Shanahan, before Elway, before Reeves.  A time when beating the Raiders defined the Broncos and put the league on notice that the Denver Broncos had become a real power to be dealt with.  The Raiders and Steelers were seen as the two powerhouses in the AFC, with the baddest players, in 1977, we beat both the Steelers and Raiders in the playoffs to get to our first SB.  Of those 1977 Steeler and Raider teams there were 6 future HOF players on the Raiders and 8 future HOF players on the Steelers, excluding their coaches and owners, and to this point no HOF Bronco players on those teams, if that disrespect doesn't irk you let me expound.

For all that Al Davis did to help the NFL, he went out of his way to screw the Broncos any chance he could.  I truly loathe the Raiders and all they "stand" for.  When I was 8 I moved to Santa Rosa, CA, home of the Raiders training camp for many a season.  A lone Bronco fan in Raider nation.  I got to see first hand the a-holes who populated the Raiders roster upclose as their arrogant asses would invade Santa Rosa for a 6 week period.  By the way, Todd Christenson is the biggest jerk I ever saw in my life.  I won't gio into all the stories, but I thank god I wasn't a Raider fan that had to go beg for his autograph, but he was not alone in the 80's Raiders cast of A-holes.  Let me say, my favorite time of the year was when the Broncos would play the and beat the Raiders, I savored it and despite what the final records would be, those games meant more to me than any other games.

I lived and died by Raider week, even after the Raiders moved to LA and northern CA became filled with 49er fans due to their success.   Let me say, prior to the 81 season, you would be hard pressed to find a 49er fan outside the city limits of SF, northern CA was Raider nation through and through,  But I digress, as the 80's wore on, we still had great battles as both teams were generally pretty good and for my money, the best rivalry in sports, better than the Browns - Steelers, better than Redskins-Cowboys, Packers-Bears, Yankees-Redsoxs, better than Lakers-Celtics.  The reason was that the Raiders Broncos were so diametrically opposed in both franchises, players, fans, and cities, that there was no middle ground, you were either a good guy (Broncos) or a bad guy (Raiders).  Living in Raider nation and being a Bronco fan was tough, but I still wore my Broncos jacket and clothes week in and week out, no matter if we won or lost.  I took all the insults, got to hear how we sucked and couldn't win a SB, I got to hear all the crap yearly. And as the 90's started, we started to find ourselves on the worse end of the rivarly and it was a difficult time for a few years, but at that time I had moved to New Mexico to go to college and was surrounded by more Broncos and Cowboys fans.

Then the greatest thing that could of happend was when Mike Shanahan was hired and brought the same hatred and passion to destroy the Raiders and Al Davis that I fealt.  To me, Shanahan may not of been as passionate a hater as Red Miller, but his fire burned deeper and hoter, and was a silent fury he brought.  What I loved was after the beat down of the Raiders how Shanahan would stare up into the Raiders owner box to let Al Davis know he was being owned and pawned by a guy he screwed over, for that Mike Shanahan, I will be forever greatful.

And then came McD and his wanting to tranform the Broncos into Pats west and his only big games were against his mentor or against a Scott Pioli led Chiefs team, he forgot what a Bronco means, and that is to detroy the Raiders at all costs.  That to me was McD greatest failing.  It would be like taking over the Michigan Wolverines and not worrying about beating Ohio State.  My father used to tell me and I still believe it to this day, if the Broncos went 14-2 and won the SB and our two loses were to the Raiders, then our season was a failure.  That is the mentality I want from our coach, staff, management, and players, and fans.

It is time to quit debating Tebow, we aren't going to know the answer anytime soon, and start focusing on beating those bastards in Oakland like the scum bags they are.  What has been lost in the whole Tebow stinking debate, is that with the Raiders and their QB situation, McGhee possibly being ready to come back, this just may be a winnable game.  If Tim wants to be the QB for next year, no better way to start justifying your job by beating down the Raiders.  

Go Broncos...rot in hell Raiders 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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