Are We Gonna Just Sit Here And Cry Over Spilt Kool-aid? Hell No, On To Oakland!!!

Ok, so we got our a$$ kicked by the Lions on Sunday. Damn near all of our Kool-aid spilled all over ourselves and it looks like we pissed our pants. Orange piss. The media loves it. We are the laughing stock of the league....

So what?!! Who cares?!!

It's a damn good time to be a Broncos fan. Why is that you might ask? For starters, we have a professional football team that isn't rumored to be leaving town to LA or Toronto. The orange jerseys are coming back in full force next season. We have a QB who embodies our passion as fans on the field and plays as if he wants to win the game as bad as we do. And we all knew ugly blowout losses were gonna happen to this team. As i type this, I am changing out of Kool-aid stained pants and making myself a new pitcher.


Screw Pressure!


The Broncos on Sunday indeed hit what I believe is rock bottom for 2011. A 45-10 drubbing at home that sapped the entire stadium of hope. That prick Tony Scheffler was doing Mile High Salutes, Titus Young was jumping into our own stands, Lions players were "Tebowing", anonymous players were even talking crap. Now is the time we will see the Broncos start to play loose. It cannot get any worse. And if it does, who cares? It's time for football to be fun again and the next 9 games are going to be a ride. And the best thing about it...we are only two games out of the division lead and NOBODY thinks we are leaving the cellar of the AFC West. Time to have fun.

Screw the Black Hole!

Last time the Broncos visited Oakland, we saw a restricted playbook. Even heavier QB draws than the past few weeks. Now it is time to let loose and have some damn fun for crying out loud! The Broncos were 0-18 on 3rd downs at one point trying to run "the system". Screw the system!!! Screw the Raiders!!! It's time to let players make plays! We are 2-5 and have no shot anyway, right? It's time to play loose and let the other teams second guess themselves for a change.

Screw Carson Palmer!

The defense needs to treat this bum like the Lions treated Tebow last Sunday. Blitz him from everywhere. Force him into 3rd and longs. Stack the box and dare him to make plays. Time to not give a damn anymore and just play football!!! Slap the other team in the mouth and see how they respond.

It's not Tebow Time...It's Screw Everyone Else Time!

Screw Merril Hoge. Screw Boomer Esiason. Screw Warren Sapp. Screw everyone that isn't representing the Denver Broncos. It is us against the world. Screw Brandon Lloyd(enjoyed you while you were here but you aren;t a Bronco anymore. Screw Peyton Hillis. Screw Barbara Walters. Screw Brandon Marshall. Screw Jay Cutler and double screw Josh McDaniels. Who cares about these analysts, players, personalities? I don't give a damn anymore about what they think about our team. They aren't Denver Broncos. We need to rally as one. We are Broncos Country and to hell with everyone else!

Screw this article!

This isn't the way I intended this article to end up...but who cares?!! Go Broncos!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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