NFL Weekly Picks (Week 10): Idaho Nate and Matt Dierking Make Their Picks

     Like Denver Broncos win streaks in recent years, the Staffers charge to catch the Readers in the predictions contest was woefully short-lived. After cutting the Readers' lead to but a single game, the Staffers got stomped in Week 9 and dropped to five games back. This week features a full slate of fifteen games. Will the Staffers be able to bounce back  or will the Readers dig the hole even deeper? Let's find out after we meet this week's prognosticators.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Idaho Nate. Idaho Nate writes:

Hello MHR, Idaho Nate here to continue the smackdown of our "expert" bloggers. Obviously my name is Nate and I live in Idaho Falls, ID. so if there are any other Idaho Falls Bronco fans on here we should get together to watch the games. I currently watch the games with my two awesome kids......(Bronco Fans) and my Raider loving Devil Wife....(not having a good week)! I, like all you Bronco fans bleed the orange and blue and I've been around MHR for quite sometime. On to the picks:

Idaho Nate will be competing with Matt Dierking. Matt writes:

Mdierk, AKA Matt Dierking is best known for being behind the scenes.  He is a native of Kansas and is best described as a High Plains drifter.  Don't be fooled by him being a Kansas native, his heart will always be in the Colorado Rockies and bleed orange and blue.  After spending 23 years stuck in the same place, he gained his freedom from the midwest in 1998.  While his background is in business and economics, his passions are hunting, fishing and football.  This corn-fed small town kid played on the offensive line in his younger days and loves seeing some linemen blasting open lanes for backs to chew up loads of yardage and keeping the quarterback clean.  When the Broncos aren't on, his time is spent with his young family or when hunting season comes calling he will be out keeping food on the table.

Let's take a jump and look at their predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 9-4 5-8
Season to Date 80-42 75-47



Oakland@San Diego

Idaho Nate:The Raiders will get dealt a smackdown from Phyliss and his merry men after having nightmares of #15 all week.

Matt:As much as l want both teams to lose, I suppose I will defer to the home team.  SD wins in ugly fashion



Idaho Nate:This should be a great game, but I'm picking Carolina to win a shoot out. Carolina is coming off their bye week, and who knows what Titans team will show up.

Matt:Not much better of a game, I think Tenn is overrated.  Cam and the boys take this game.


St. Louis@Cleveland

Idaho Nate:I picked the McRams last week and got burned. I like the Brownies in this game winning 5-3.

Matt:an epic match-up of suckitude.  Hillis in the doghouse, McDaniels in the outhouse.  Take the Browns I guess.



Idaho Nate:Tough pick here, but I like Dallas at home. Buffalo may be the most overrated team in the league this year.

Matt:another tough one.  Tony Romo always seems to blow one after a good game.  Take the Bills here.


New Orleans@Atlanta

Idaho Nate:Another coin flip if you ask me, but I'll take the home team.

Matt: both teams are streaky.  I like the Saints in this match.



Idaho Nate:This pick is easy, the pissed Eagles win in blowout fashion.

Matt:AZ traveling east again...Pat Petersen won't bail them out this week.  Philly rebounds here.



Idaho Nate:I'm very tempted to go with the winless Colts here, but I just don't see how you win anything with Painter as your QB. I like the Jags in a close one. Something tells me Peyton's neck will start feeling better sooner than later.

Matt:.another stinker of a game, they need to pay fans to watch this one.  Gabbert will look like an all-pro this week.



Idaho Nate:This game has the feel of a snooze fest with a field goal in overtime. I'm taking the Bengals at home.

Matt:Steelers beat-up from last week.  Take the Bengals.


Houston@Tampa Bay

Idaho Nate:The Texans should have Johnson back this week, but I think the Texans fail to take command of the division and will  lay a big stinky egg this weekend. The Bucs win at home.

Matt:take the Texans, hope that old Bronco offense returns to Denver soon!



Idaho Nate:Whiner boy looked pretty good Monday night, but the Eagles D is no Detroit D. Believing Cutler would ever win a game would be as foolish as marrying a Raider's fan....sheesh, I'm taking Suh and co!

Matt:Take the Lions here.  The D will feast on Cutler.



Idaho Nate:Shanny's gonna fall asleep in the tanning booth again and miss the game. The Dolphins roll........

Matt:What is it with these crap match-ups?  Shanny has no magic left, take the Fins



Idaho Nate:Are the Ravens going to have a let down this weekend? I doubt it, the Ravens win big.

Matt:Seriously?  Ray Lewis versus Jackson/Whitehurst.  Black birds kill Seachickens in Puget (pungent) Sound!


New York Giants@San Francisco

Idaho Nate:I'm loving that SF Defense and think they eek out a close one at home.

Matt:Giants lay an egg on the Bay...too worn out from beating the Pats.  49ers closer to winning division.


New England@New York Jets

Idaho Nate:The Patriots have looked awfully shaky lately but I think Brady, Welker, and co. are going to put their best foot forward and win a close feat over Rexy.

Matt:Tough one here.  I'll go with NE.  Pats rarely lose two straight games


Minnesota@Green Bay

Idaho Nate:I can't wait to watch Allen sack Rodgers and then stand over him and do the stupid belt thing, but won't matter.....The Packers are going to roll!

Matt:.Lambeau getting cold and the 72' Fins will have to wait to pop the corks.  Pack win big here.

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