Fantasy Football: Start 'em or Sit 'em

Hey everyone! I've decided to give my hand at a little fantasy football chatter this week. I am avoiding the obvious must start plays like Aaron Rodgers, but even so, there might a few no brainers here and there.  Fantasy Football is often about match ups from week to week rather than simply starting the best players on paper each week.

I'd request anyone who is in the keeper league with me to withhold the information about my record. :P  I am doing well in other leagues, but I am really enjoying sucking for Luck in that keeper league.

Start 'em

Mark Sanchez

I'm sure most of you don't realize that the Patriots pass defense is 32nd in the league. If you have a bye from your starting QB this week, then Mark Sanchez might be a viable option this week.

Steven Jackson

Jackson is hampered by a foot injury this week, but is practicing and will likely play agains the Cleveland Browns this week. The Browns have a 26th ranked rush defense, so expect a big day from the Rams ground attack.

Frank Gore

The Giants are 20th against the run and Frank Gore has been on fire in recent weeks. The 49ers are rolling and the key to their success is running the football. Expect more of the same this week!

Julio Jones

After last week, I doubt anyone is thinking, "Oh, I better bench the rookie!". However, against the Saints he should get plenty of action. Maybe not quite as much action as he did last week, but enough to make him a solid start.

Sit 'em

Tom Brady

It is no secret that Brady is struggling this season and now he has to face the Jets who currently own a top 5 pass defense. Not only that, Brady has become an interception machine in recent weeks. Avoid him until he proves he is out of that funk!

Fred Jackson

I have been waiting for the Buffalo Bills to show themselves to be a fraud for half the season now, but I guess they aren't. However, the Cowboys do possess the 6th ranked run defense, so don't expect a huge day from Jackson.

Steve Smith

The Tennessee Titans defense is pretty stout against the pass and with Steve Smith being the focal point of their shutting down Cam Newton and the Panthers, it might be a good idea to sit him this week.

Dwayne Bowe

The Denver Broncos pass defense is suspect at best, so it will come down to how well the Kansas City Chiefs move him away from Champ Bailey. If Bowe ends up lining up against Goodman ... goodnight!

More Fantasy Football

Many of you don't know this, but I also work at a web design company during the day. We recently launched a new fantasy football website. Ironically, one of the owners is also a Broncos fan. Anyway, they have a promotion running for people to join free leagues with a cash payout to the winners each week. I figured I'd share the wealth here, so long as everyone is of age.

I'm also in the mood for some cash competition, so if anyone is interested in doing a weekly cash league ($2-$3 a week buy-in only as I am not made of money. lol) send me an email at mhrhistory at gmail dot com.  If there are enough interested parties, I'll send out the league info and we'll start it up next week. 

Go Broncos!

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