Tim Tebow and the possibility of injury

I have watched a lot of football and here imho are how most injuries occur in football:

a) Applying to quarterbacks and kickers--staying on a spot or within a very confined space in which an onrushing player hits the opposing player with full speed and force and usually unexpectedly.

b) Offensive/defensive linemen in scrums or while being blocked.

c) Receivers being given a jarring hit going over the middle and often unexpectedly or when the receiver is not prepared for the hit and comes down awkwardly

d) Being tackled by 2-3 opposing players at the same time (being sandwiched)

e) Kickoff/punt returners who are hit at full speed while trying to run the ball back

f) Concussions caused by helmet to helmet collisions

g) Being tackled in the open field at the knees


Except for Drew Bledsoe I have seen few injuries occur to quarterbacks running towards the sidelines.

If you notice many of Tebow's runs are toward the sidelines. Yes he does run in the middle of the field but the key is he is usually running at full speed in  very shifty manner and thus is rarely a sitting duck. 

Sure defensive players could hit Tebow after the whistle and injure him that way or catch him from behind below the knees and tackle him awkwadly but in my experience when any player is running at full speed, he is less likely to be injured than if he is when he is a sitting duck in the pocket being subject to being tackled by a 300 pound defensive tackle than he is being tackled by a 200-220 defensive halfback or safety. And Tebow weights close to 240 pounds. He is not that easy to bring down or to punish.

Having said all that Tebow could be injured at any time but he has been playing his style a long time and I would assume by now he knows when to run out of bounds and when to slide in the open field or turtle just before being sacked.

Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk is trying to claim that Tebow is more susceptible to injury because he is a "running QB." I really hope Tim Tebow proves Florio and pundts of his ilk wrong. Tebow is an extraordinary athlete. It appears he can take a lot of punishment and get up after a decent hit.

For the sake of the Denver Broncos and his fans, I truly hope so.

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