MHR Poll of the Week: Mid-Season Awards - The Ceremony

John Fox says "We're number one!" (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

So last Saturday we had MHR Poll of the Week: Mid-Season Awards, and we got great results. This week we are going to announce the winners and post a few of the comments from each awards and then we will get onto this weeks poll. I got my Tux on and I'm ready to read the winner!

To see the full results click on the award to be taken to the poll article.

MHR Mid-Season Award for Worst Squad Goes to...

Quarterbacks! Who takes home 42% of the votes.

Runners Ups:

Coaching with 21%

Offensive line with 15%

A few thoughts from our voters:

QB's hands down

Coaching seems to be getting a lot of votes but if ST’s are doing well and the defense has improved to a degree, then I don’t get that. Fox inherited a mess and McCoy may be calling vanilla plays because that’s all his players are capable of. We’ll see how i feel at the end of the season.


Coaching IMO

Every team has had to struggle with the same short off season issues. Other new coaches are doing fine.

My biggest beef with them is that they refuse to make adjustments in game until it’s way too late.


Not everyone was with the major players:

Went with WR's

I am probably in the minority, but I went with WR. Not getting open consistently, running the wrong routes, dropping catches (51% catch rate!), not getting two feet in on TD bombs against Lions, insignificant YAC, lack of. It plays. Disappointing. Of course part of my negativity on WR could go to front office for dealing B Lloyd of a 5th.


Without any regard to positional value...

How can anybody argue that there has been less value and production from anywhere else than the TE’s? Remember the BS that McCoy said about opposing teams would actually have to cover our TE’s this year???


Mid-Season Award for Best Squad Goes to...

Special Teams! Who takes home 43% of the vote.

Runner Ups:

Linebackers with 23% of the votes

Running backs with 18% of the votes

A few thoughts from our voters:

I had a hard time choosing between special teams and the RBs. This is probably the best rushing attack we have had in years, so I had to give way. But credit to Colquit, Prater, and Cosby, they have played well.


I voted for Special Teams as they have made some improvement

I think the LBer position will make us happy before the season is over.


Mid-Season Award for Least Valuable Player Goes to...

Elvis Dumervil! Who takes home 19% of the votes.

Runner Ups:

Tim Tebow with 16% of the votes

Kyle Orton with 15% of the votes

A few thoughts from our voters, and there was a lot of variety here:

Gotta go with Orton

9 Million under performing dollars sitting on the bench.

Part of my pick on the other polls were based on the amount of money and draft pick alloted to the groups. But this is an individual thing so Orton wins the prize for me.


Being an old lineman

I had to pick Beadles. Success on either side of the ball starts in the trenches. His poor play directly affects the entire play of the offense which has been the weakest unit on the team. I give Franklin a pass because he is a rookie learning the game, but he does get my second vote.


easy one... Joe Mays

not even close

Idaho Nate

I refuse to answer this question...

on the grounds that I will be incriminated or worse on this site. Let’s just say he is currently the worst player at his position in th NFL. Go Gators……


And the Most Important Award of all, Most Valuable Player Goes to...

Von Miller! With 33% of the votes.

Runner Ups:

Willis McGahee with 30% of the votes

Britton Colquitt with 15% of the votes

A few thoughts from the voters:

I have to give Robert Ayers some love right now

He’s playing good right now. He’s not only setting the edge but getting after the QB. At the same time, I feel bad for him because he wasted two seasons being an OLB. If he was playing DE the whole time, he would be a stud by now. I’m happy to see him improve this year. Also I like the broncos pass rush with Ayers, Dumervil, and Miller. Now if the secondary can hold up for a few more seconds they’ll get more sacks. Those three the broncos can build a defense around.

Also, my MVP right now is Decker.


Colquitt, sad but true that our punter has been our most valuable

weapon this season. Our O has sucked so badly that he has been relied upon to improve field position for the team all year and has delivered. Great combination of hang time and distance. I’m sure he has saved our D some yardage and perhaps a score or two. #2 on the list gotta go with Von… and once he learns how to set the edge and contain that inside run he will be the talk of the NFL…


I voted Von, but it is probably Champ. Without Champ back there we would be totally hosed.



Thanks again to everyone who voted!


Now Where Were We...

Oh yea this week's poll, I'll keep this one short and sweet and not needing much explanation. Other SB Nations sites have member awards ceremonies, giving out awards for Most Argumentative Member, Funniest, Best Writer and so on, would you like to see something like that here?



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