The truth behind the numbers


We had a major win yesterday beating the Chiefs on the road, and this game is a great sample of what I'm expecting from Tebow in the huddle for the Broncos. This was a game where we were able to pound the rock the entire afternoon, getting first down after first down on the offense, and holding the house very well on the defense either on rushing or passing plays.

With our ground attack working on a high level of efficiency, our playcalling was oriented for those plays (Zone Reads and Triple Options), what makes a lot of sense. That's why on the entire game Tebow tried only 8 passes versus 55 carries (30 Ball, 9 Tebow, 5 Larsen, 4 Moreno, 4 McGahee and 3 Royal). With only 2/8 passes completed, Tebow numbers look crappy...

That said, let's ponder a few thoughts. After Tebow was named the starter, we've been seen a lot of talk about his QBR, accuracy, mechanics, reads, decisions and etc, with the use of stats by people trying to prove their point of view about jim. The both sides, those who believe in him and those who don't, love to pick up some stats and argue about it. This is a salubrious talk imo, but people tend to give the stats too much value. Don't get me wrong, I do believe the stats can clarify us a lot of things about this matter, but sometimes it doesn't tell the whole story. Let's take a look more closely on each pass after the jump to see the true story behind those numbers.


Pass 1: 2nd & 7, ball on off-45
Time on the clock: 15:00, 2nd quarter
Attempt to: Erik Decker, pass incomplete – deep middle (playaction)
Comment: Very accurate pass, but a great coverage by the defender didn't allow Erik to make the catch.


Pass 2: 1st & 10, ball on def-35
Time on the clock: 1:31, 2nd quarter
Attempt to: Eddie Royal, pass incomplete – deep right (playaction)
Comment: Accurate pass, only a few inches overthrown but on the hot spot (in front of Royal). Good but not great coverage, this pass was catchable.


Pass 3: 1st & 10, ball on off-46
Time on the clock: 1:17, 2nd quarter
Attempt to: Erik Decker, pass incomplete – deep left (playaction)
Comment: A pass threw into another great coverage over Erik, where the defender deviated the ball but still giving a chance to Erik catch it. Miss-reading by Tebow that could have cost a turnover.


Pass 4: 3rd & 6, ball on off-42
Time on the clock: :32, 2nd quarter
Attempt to: Eddie Royal, pass incomplete – short middle (shovel pass)
Comment: Easy catch dropped by Royal. This play wouldn't have earned much yards, but it hurts Tebow numbers anyway.


Pass 5: 2nd & 9, ball on def-31
Time on the clock: 12:34, 3rd quarter
Attempt to: Lance Ball, pass incomplete – short left (triple option, scramble to the left)
Comment: A very accurate short pass to Ball. It's another drop.


Pass 6: 2nd & 8, ball on def-21
Time on the clock: 4:00, 3rd quarter
Attempt to: Matthew Willis, pass completed for 13yds – short left (screen pass)
Comment: Very accurate screen pass to Willis for another 1st down.


Pass 7: 3rd & 4, ball on off-48
Time on the clock: :49, 3rd quarter
Attempt to: Dante Rosario, pass incomplete – short right
Comment: The worst pass of the game. Rosario was open but the ball was very underthrown.


Pass 8: 3rd & 10, ball on def-43
Time on the clock: 6:52, 4th quarter
Attempt to: Erik Decker, pass completed for a 56yds touchdown – deep right
Comment: Very accurate pass to Erik. A beautiful touchdown, the longest threw by Tebow.


After taking a look on every throw by Tebow, I still don't get how people can say he is not an accurate QB. He is a working in progress, but for me it's tangible his improvings week by week. For people who use the numbers to try to prove that he can't succeed, just take a look on each passing play of the game. I expect him to be our long-term solution, but I admit it's too early to state something like that. And you dudes, any thoughts?


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