Broncos vs Chiefs: The No Bull Review

Wow...a win streak!  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?  Dude...last time we had a win streak of at least 2 games was weeks 12 - 13 of 2009.  Think about that for a second...2009.  I'm so thankful to see some daylight from our team.  We have some very talented youth on our team that will be our core for years.  Our O-line is really starting to get solid and is working well together.  We have a surprisingly solid D-Line.  It is good to be a Broncos fan right now.


  • O-line.  Do I need to say more?  Great job bigs...especially Kuper who is just consistently dominating his guys.
  • What the heck is up with the drops WRs?  I know it is a bit exaggerated because we only threw like 8 passes, but still...Tebow had like 3 passes that were in the right spot that you guys dropped.  Knock that junk off.
  • I am seriously doubting if Knowshon can get out of his injury bugged state.  I wish he would though because if he could stay on the field, McCoy is showing that he knows how to use him (screens, sweeps, etc...get him in space).
  • That touchdown pass was fantastic...Tebow had perfect placement and Decker just ruined Flowers on the play.  I honestly think Flowers was sleeping on it because of how little passing we were doing.  Love seeing a CB get beat like that and just give up (go watch the replay...he just stops was glorious).
  • Just an idea here - work on some short TE routes with Tebow.  Get the running game going and dump a few off to keep the defense on their toes.  We really have teams set up now because they are consistently stacking the box.  If Tebow can get accurate we can light people up with short - intermediate passes.


  • Von Miller is really REALLY awesome just in case you didn't know.  This is two weeks in a row where he is clearly sending some messages to the NFL QBs...get rid of the ball fast or you will be put down.  I love seeing that from the guy...and all but one of his hits have been completely legal.
  • Bunkley continues to impress me...I saw him ruin 2 defenders twice this game.  Love seeing someone in the trenches on our defensive side showing up.
  • Was that a Marcus Thomas sighting we had today?  He's still on the team?  He's actually making tackles?
  • Cassel threw on Bailey about 7 times or so...only completed 2.  I think he's lucky he didn't get picked.  Keep doing that man...your guy Bowe is good, but he can't hold back the all-encompassing awesomeness that is Champ Bailey when you throw a poor pass his way.
  • Chris Harris is really shaping up nicely.  I'm glad we have someone on the roster who can play CB besides Goodman and Bailey...but even better than Goodman, Harris can actually tackle!
  • 2 drops here too - we had 2 INTs giftwrapped.  Cmon Dawk!

Special Teams:

  • Matt Prater...who are you and what did you do with our kicker?  You need to get right with yourself man.  I'm sick of seeing you miss gimmes (and yes with that leg I consider a 42 yard FG a gimme).

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