Elway and Fox Give Some Support for Tim Tebow

For awhile now, Elway, in my opinion, has seemed to be neutral on Tebow, with maybe a slightly negative bias regarding his passing abilities. However, today, Elway seemed to possibly be turning the corner on seeing Tebow's potential for the long-term. The following are some comments that he made today about Tebow on the Vic and Gary Show. For those of you who do not have time to listen to the whole show, I thought you would find the following interesting.

From 02:27 to 8:13 (

Vic/Gary ask Elway to evaluate a quarterback that only threw the ball 8 times.

Elway: “If you look at what Tim did yesterday he managed the game very well. He made a great throw there that clinched the game. And, um, anytime that anyone wants to pass that up. When you have a ball that you throw, and I was down there late in the game, and the wind was swirling down at that end. And he put the ball – to me, that’s locking up a football game. That’s winning a game right there. That pass won the football game. Because at that time it was 10-7 in the fourth quarter and that pass won the game. And so we know Tim Tebow can make those clutch throws like that and he made that.”

Vic/Gary: “So what you’re saying is the pass was not as easy as it looked?”

Elway: “No, I mean it was right on the money. You can’t throw a better pass than Tim Tebow threw in that situation. When we’re up 10-7 in a third down, and they’re still in the football game, and you know, to be able to put the ball where he put it in the time when we needed him to do it, it was a great pass. And so, if you want me to evaluate Tim Tebow yesterday, I would say that he played very, very well. “

Vic/Gary ask Elway if the coaching staff decided that they needed to tailor the offense to Tebow’s strengths now.

Elway: “…Tim’s going to have throw the ball the rest of the year… We want Tim to be able to throw from the pocket. We’re not trying to make him a pocket passer. But, I think that there’s a thing offensively, you’re trying to tie everything in that everyone does well, and obviously, it’s tied to the quarterback.”

Vic/Gary ask Elway to respond how his quarterback rating was 79.9 over his career while Tebow’s was 102 yesterday.

Elway: “Well, I will tell you this. Is the bottom line is quarterback rating for me is tied to wins. And I think that’s what Tim got yesterday. And I think that since he started we’re 3-1, so I think things are going in the right direction.”

Vic/Gary asked Elway to respond to Tebow’s not turning the ball over and finding ways to win football games.

Elway: “…Any time you have a young quarterback you don’t want to put him in too many tough situations. And I think that, you know, he has done a good job with handling the ball. And we haven’t made the mistakes. We haven’t turned it over the last two weeks. And any time you do that you have a better chance to wining the football game. And so I think it’s a progression. And I think big picture-wise, if you look at where we are sitting right now at 4-5, and you look at the division we’re a game out, we’re tied with the other 3 teams in our division, that if you look back going into the season if we were to be a game out  9 games into it of the AFC West I think we’d all be happy to be where we are sitting right now.”

Vic/Gary asked Elway if he thinks Tebow should have started the season.

Elway: “I think the transgression’s [I think he meant to say transition] gone pretty well so far.”

I also hear the following today, from Coach Fox, who also seemed to be making some positive comments regarding Tebow.

From 16:19 to 16:47 (

John Fox: “We got a young quarterback that’s doing a terrific job in my estimation, that’ll just get better with time. You know, he’s got maybe one of the better fourth quarter ratings there are, even passing the ball, I think he’s got a pretty good record, thus far. You know, he’s proven the ability to bring his team back. You know, all those things are good that I think any coach can build on. 

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