Dear Bill Maher;

Back when Maher was on ABC I actually thought he was funny. But, over the years since his move to HBO I have found him to be more demeaning to anyone who doesn't agree with him 100%. The sad thing is that his last few years he has gotten to be even more demeaning towards even his own audience. Terms like "slopeheads" for pretty much everyone who does not live on the coasts just made me leave the building completely.

His recent, in my opinion, railing on Tim Tebow demands that I write an open letter to Bill Maher. See it after the jump.

Dear Bill Maher;

I doubt very much you will ever care to see or read this, but as a "slopehead" I really don't care. What I do care about is how you constantly chastise Tim Tebow. So tell me, Bill, what ever did Tebow do to you personally? Did he go on TV and say things about you like you did about him? I doubt that very much as Mr. Tebow seems to not care who a person is, he just treats all people the same. I do believe that is a lesson you should relearn.

I remember your early days in comedy. You were very funny in a Dennis Miller/ George Carlin-esque manner. Educated yet biting comedy about the issues of the day, just not taking it to a personal level as you do now. So tell me Bill, what happened to you to feel this kind of a turn was necessary? I will not lower myself to do the jokes that obviously you would to follow that question, but really Bill, what happened?

No one rails on you for your atheism, your far left politics or your obvious attempts to use your comedic talents to push an agenda without anyone to answer for the other side. You rail on Mr. Tebow, but I do not see you trying in any way, shape or form to interview him or even to get to know the young man. Why is that? Are you so afraid that maybe his "idiotic Christianity" will rub off on you in some way and make you a better, if not more respectable towards others not of your like? Maybe Mr. Tebow's intellect will prove more than a match for you and leave you in the dust?  Come on, Bill, can't you take that kind of heat anymore? Could it be you cannot deal with the possibility that maybe Mr. Tebow will come off as more likeable than you?

I have heard you lay claim that in many ways you are a "citizen-journalist", so, if that is your true claim then maybe you should take on the code of Journalism Ethics and make your case by inviting Mr. Tebow onto your show. The old Bill Maher would have done that. As a matter of fact I do believe I remember the last time, on ABC, that you did invite an outspoken Christian, Reverend Jerry Falwell and that "slopehead" did show up. You tried very hard to make him look like a fool and it did not work. As a matter of fact, if I remember right, he actually got cheers from your audience and you had that look on your face of utter shock and amazement.

The fact of the matter is, Bill, Tim Tebow is 3-1-0 so far this year as an NFL Quarterback. Thursday Night I hope and pray - yes, I said pray - that he will be 4-1-0 after that game. Not just because I am a die hard Denver Broncos fan, but because I know every game he wins will fry your eggs crispy.

That also goes for Merrill Hodge, goofy Golic and all the other mouthpieces who wish to judge Tebow on his religion, character, end zone celebration or for whatever reason other than the won - lost column.

I have heard and seen a few articles about your "Tebow Tirade" and have even seen the video. It has been said you crucify Christians better than the Romans did. To that I offer this. Mr. Maher, Rome has fallen and Christianity still lives. So maybe you should practice some of this "tolerance" you so much like to preach about when someone goes after one of your sacred cows and give Tim Tebow a break and let Tim Tebow the man and Denver Broncos Quarterback prove himself.

After all, if it wasn't for Steve Allen giving you a break to prove yourself, you would probably never have made it to where you are today.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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