Mike McCoy offensive mastermind or just lucky?

I have seen the comments regarding the unrest for the lack of passing attempts in the KC game, and I really have no idea why you would complain, if you are a Bronco fan or even just a Tebow fan.  I am starting to believe that Mike McCoy may have been Josh McDaniels greatest hire and that Fox knows what the hell he was doing in retaining this guy.


Lets look at the past few games to see why I love how McCoy is developing into I think one if not the best OC in the national football league.

Lets start with the begining of the season and the first game, arguably I think this was the worst gameplan I had seen McCoy come up with.  We came into that game unprepared and in alot of ways could not make adjustments to what the Raiders were doing.  The basic flaw of the game plan was that McCoy abandoned the run early and allowed Oakland to do what it does best on defense and tee off on the pass rush and allow it's DB's to play bump and run and wait for their offense to take control of the game.

From there on out I thought McCoy did a pretty decent job trying to maintain a balanced offense and getting McGhee involved and making him the starting RB also helped.  What was the hinderance was Orton and his flaws as a QB, which didn't allow for many deep balls or ability to be effective in the redzone.

Then we go to the SD game, Orton had lost the team IMO, in addition to the fan base and the confidence of the coaching staff.  Tebow was brought in cold with basically a game plan that had been prepared for Orton.  After a fair amount of series where Tebow was ineffective running an Orton style offense, McCoy starting making the adjustments to allow Tebow more freedom running the ball and taking some better shots down the field.

Next week at Miami, again I think McCoy basically had been foricing Tebow to play in the Orton designed offense and was not having any luck with Tebow making the adjustments.  And again, at the end of the game, McCoy made the adjustment to see if Tebow could use his legs and arms more to make the plays happen, and it worked.

The Detroit game, I think the game plan was tailored to Tebow strengths; however, without McGhee and Moreno being ineffective against the Lions front, and the Lions basically being able to score at will againt the Broncos, forced McCoy to abandon the game plan and try to force Tebow into more throws he wasn't ready to make, hence the sacks and int/fumble. 

Next comes Oakland, McCoy had learned from his earlier mistakes and hit Oakland with a read option zone scheme that Oakland had no answer for.  That was genuis.  He allowed Tebow to make throws not under pressure and not force throws.  He played more and more to his strengths of being able to be effective in the red zone and have the good deep touch ball.

Now comes KC, with a week to prepare, you had to figure the Chiefs would have an answer to the read zone run play, so MCoy counters with a triple option play that KC had limited answers to and also a read zone where after KC would bring the ILB stunted inside to take Tebow's option from running outside away, he has Tebow follow the rB inside, another stroke of genius IMO.  The fact that for two strait weeks we have amassed well over 220 yards on the ground and more importatntly won at division rivals, speaks volumes to how well McCoy has adapted.

Name me an offensive coordinator that has had to switch his offensive philosphy and play calling so radically due to a midseason change at QB and had this much success.  What McCoy's greatest asset has been is his ability to change and find new wrinkles in the playbook to fit the personnel.  If this had been Josh McDaniels, I can almost guarentee that we would have lost all of these games because he does not believe in the run game and he wants to prove he can devise a passing game to beat you, his ego gets in the way of his play calling.  McCoy has checked his ego at the door and is calling plays that fit the strengths of his players and team and allowing them to suceed and win.  My hats off to Coach McCoy and I am excited to see what he has in store with a short week against a tough Jets defense, this could be a defining game of McCoy's career, if we can beat the Jets on a short week, and make Rex Ryan look like a fool then I am pretty wel convinced that barring signicant injuries, that this team will be in the playoff hunt through the rest of the season and McCoy will get some serious looks as a potential HC next year.

Go Broncos

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