Being Choosy As Fans: Winning is Winning

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 13: Running back Lance Ball #35 of the Denver Broncos rushes the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs during the second half on November 13, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Denver defeated Kansas City 17-10. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

The Broncos defeated that Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and were able to pull within one game of the division lead in the AFC West.

The Broncos have a 4-5 record among with Kansas City and San Diego and trail Oakland at 5-4. All four teams have a 2-2 division record. Can't remember the division being this competitive within itself in a long time.

The Broncos are winning games in what people are calling unconventional ways, and in today's NFL, I guess you could say that is true. It doesn't take a scientist to realize the league is now a passing league. Guys like Joe Flacco are throwing the ball 50-60 times in some games despite having one of the top backs in the NFL.

Who cares?

Denver last season experienced the worst season in it's history. They finished 4-12 and had the number two pick. Right now, the Broncos will take wins anyway they can come. If it's not one thing, it seems to be the next. Tebow was 2 for 8. It was only Miami. It was only Kansas City. Really? REALLY?

You play who is on your schedule. The schedule is created based on the following.

Six Divisional Games

One of the Divisions within your conference

One of the Divisions outside your conference

The teams that finished in the same place as you within your conference in their respective division.

The Broncos have some tough games coming up. No question. But if you are going to make the playoffs, you got to win some of those.

Eight or nine wins is all it could take for the Broncos to take the division.

Beat San Diego. Beat Kansas City. That leaves the Broncos down to seven games. There are teams on the

schedule that are coming down and beatable. Minnesota is a must win, along with Buffalo.

What makes it more interesting is that Tom Brady does not have a strong record against the Broncos. You never know so do not mark the Patriots game as a loss. I am also eagerly anticipating the return of Jay Cutler to Denver.

My point is, however the Broncos win, who cares how it happens. The Broncos have won 3 of 4. They created a new style of offense that is working with the type of players we have. The worry is that like the Wildcat, it could eventually become ineffective, but Tim Tebow has to pass it eventually anyways.

We are never going to say sorry that we won this way, because frankly, the Broncos have not seen a lot of it the past few seasons. We are relevant again. You can win games by running and not being a great passing team. We saw with Kyle Orton, you can't win many games by passing the ball all over the place but having the leagues worst run game. 

This Thursday the Broncos have to take advantage of the Jets. The Jets strength is their pass defense. The Broncos do not win games because they pass the ball well. The Broncos win games because they control the clock and tire out the defense. Wills McGahee and Lance Ball have just become the most important players on the Broncos for at least the next few weeks. We saw Sunday night that the Jets can be passed on and that they are not going to light it up offensively.

So you got to believe. Forget what the Raiders are doing for now. The Broncos are in position to control their own fate and that is all you can really ask for at week 11 of the season.

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