Madden Predictions, NY Jets Week

This is the second installment of this series. Last predicted a Broncos victory over the Chiefs by a score of 27-17. I also simmed that game five times and came up with 2 Broncos' victories and 2 Chiefs' wins. Reality played out fairly similarly to the game I played. I was off on margin of victory by three points. Not bad.

Follow me after the jump to see what Madden has to say about this week.

Ladies and gentlemen of MHR, Madden says it is going to be a good week in Bronco country. First I will give results and stats from the game I played, then I will do a section on the sims I ran. Here we go


Final Score: Denver 35, New York 7

This game started off with a bang. Denver kicked off and Jonathan Wilhite forced a fumble on the runback which Cassius Vaughn picked up and returned for a touchdown. After the ensuing kickoff, Sanchez threw a pick-six to Chris Harris on the third play of the drive. It was 14-0 before Tebow & Co. ever stepped on the field, and Denver never looked back.

Relevant stats:

Passing: Den. T. Tebow - 12/16, 117 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT

                 N.Y. M. Sanchez - 13/26, 216 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT

Rushing: Den. W. McGahee - 18 runs, 79 YDS, 1 TD

                           L. Ball - 2 runs, 7 YDS

                           T. Tebow - 9 runs, 92 YDS

                  N.Y. S. Greene - 17 runs, 104 YDS

                          M. Sanchez - 2 runs, 8 YDS

Receiving: Den. D. Fells - 4 REC, 53 YDS, 1 TD

                             E. Decker - 3 REC, 27 YDS, 1 TD

                    N.Y. D. Keller - 4 REC, 124 YDS

                           S. Holmes - 2 REC, 27 YDS, 1 TD

Defense: Den. E. Dumervil - 4 TCKL, 1 SACK

                           V. Miller - 2 TCKL, 1 SACK

                           C. Harris - 1 TCKL, 1 INT, 1 TD

                 N.Y. D. Revis - 4 TCKL, 1 INT, 1 SACK

Special Teams: Den.  J. Wilhite - 1 FF

                                        C. Vaughn - 1 FUMR, 1 TD

                              N.Y. There was nothing special about the Jets' special teams.


Sims results:

Here is where it gets interesting. For some reason I cannot fathom, Madden seems to really like Denver in this matchup. I simmed the game five times to get a reasonable sample size and got the following results.

Denver 5-0

Sim 1 - Denver 31, New York 7

Sim 2 - Denver 35, New York 0

Sim 3 - Denver 22, New York 14

Sim 4 - Denver 14, New York 3

Sim 5 - Denver 27, New York 21

I can tell you why the game I played through was a blow out. Touchdowns on defense and special teams to start the game put New York out of their game plan early and made them one dimensional. Denver's pass rush ate them up. But I have no idea what happened in the sims to get those results. Here is hoping the Madden magic comes through for us and that the boys on the field can match these results. GO BRONCOS!!

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