Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/15/11


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John Fox Press Conference |
Head Coach John Fox talks about Sunday's 17-10 win over the Chiefs and the team placing running back Knowshon Moreno on injured reserve. news: Jets' Ryan won't take Broncos' Tebow lightly: 'He is a winner'
The Jets find themselves in a must-win game against the Broncos on Thursday, and Rex Ryan isn't about to take Tim Tebow lightly, saying the QB has proven he's a winner in the NFL.

Broncos off and running behind Tebow and option-style offense - The Washington Post
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — As the Denver Broncos fine-tune the playbook to fit Tim Tebow’s style, they have become increasingly reliant on the ground game.

Is Tim Tebow’s Afraid-To-Throw Broncos Offense Crazy Enough To Work? | DeadSpin
Somehow, the conversation always finds its way back to Tim Tebow. Somehow, the Denver Broncos won a game this week despite Tebow completing a grand total of two passes.

Analysis: In the NFL, running quarterbacks can run into trouble - The Denver Post
NFL reporter Jeff Legwold analyzes the Broncos 17-10 victory at Kansas City on Sunday and looks ahead.

Paige: Denver Broncos' Fox, Elway still aren't necessarily Tebow fans - The Denver Post
Tim Tebow has been named by his peers as the most overrated player in the NFL. He is considered the most polarizing player in pro football.

Defending the zone-read: athleticism and the “scrape-exchange” | Smart Football
Much of what is new in defending the spread involves giving different looks on the backside of all those “zone-read” and other read plays that spread teams are so fond of.

Denver Broncos News

Von Miller Press Conference |
Rookie Von Miller talks about Sunday's win against the Chiefs and getting for Thursday night's game the Jets on a short week.

Broncos and Chiefs Game Comes with a Price: Fan’s Perspective - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
On November 13, 2011, the Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs by 17-10 in a game that was played mostly on the ground. Broncos QB Time Tebow only attempted eight passes the entire game. Unfortunately the Broncos lost RB Willis McGahee(notes) with a hamstring injury and RB Knowshon Moreno(notes) with a knee injury in the first quarter.

NFL: Broncos Player Penalized For Saluting Veterans | Digital Journal
The NFL has initiated strict rules for player conduct in recent years designed to remove inappropriate behaviors from the game. The latest offensive action?

Denver Broncos lose tailback Knowshon Moreno to season-ending knee injury - The Denver Post
The Broncos offense that likes to do little else but run, run, run and run will have to do it without one of its top runners.

Broncos Mailbag: Winning ugly mixes one fan's emotions - The Denver Post
The Posts Broncos writer responds to your questions in Mike Klis Broncos Mailbag. In this installment, Mike tackles nine Qs, including one about the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" offense.

Denver Broncos stick with their running game, even in third-and-long situations - The Denver Post
Lost in all the running plays Sunday at Kansas City was when the Broncos ran them.

Broncos getting big boost from backup offensive tackle Chris Clark - The Denver Post
The Broncos are averaging 229 yards rushing over their last four games, three of which are victories. A key contributor to that performance has been Chris Clark.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Notebook: Whatever it Takes |
Head Coach John Fox says he'll do whatever it takes to put his team in a put his team in a position to win; The defense shines; Von Miller talks about drawing more double-teams.

Chesney, McGraw to Play Sports Authority |
Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, on their 'Brothers of the Sun' Tour, will head to Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Saturday, July 21.

Fox: Moreno to IR |
Denver running back will be placed on injured reserve after suffering knee injury vs. Chiefs. As a result, Jeremiah Johnson has been signed to the active roster. Blogs " Blog Archive Sanders: Tebow has the ‘it’ factor
"This guy is a winner," said NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders. "He has ‘it.’ Do I know how to define what ‘it’ is? ‘It’ is a leader, it is something people believe in, it is an intangible. You can’t measure Tebow by statistics, because he has the ‘it’ factor. The only thing I know is they’re starting to believe, and they’re winning games."

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Tim Tebow Keeps Denver Broncos Rising - SB Nation Denver
The Denver Broncos improved to 4-5 on Sunday by defeating the Kansas City Chargers. They should move up once again in the NFL power rankings.

So far, Tebow is a winning option for Broncos | Washington Examiner
With Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, the Denver Broncos appear to have stolen a page from Navy's playbook. Despite completing just two passes Sunday, Tebow led the Broncos to a 17-10 win over the Chiefs and has won three of four starts this season.

AFC West Breakdown: Week 10 - Predominantly Orange
The AFC West playoff race is hotter than two rats making love inside of a wool sock. The Raiders sit atop the division while the Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers are in a three way tie for second place. The division is starting to look like the armpit of the league with just one team above .500. Let’s take a look at the week that was, and what’s to come.

Lloyd deal working out for Denver - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The Brandon Lloyd deal between the Denver Broncos and the St. Louis Rams at the trade deadline last month is working out just fine for both teams.

The best catch that never was | First-and-Orange
Broncos safety Brian Dawkins had several explanations for the Broncos defensive improvement in recent weeks. Among them is the way the unit has cut down on the big, explosive pass play.

McGahee will practice Tuesday | First-and-Orange
Starting tailback Willis McGahee has been cleared to practice tomorrow when the team holds its only full practice in preparation for Thursday’s game against the New York Jets. McGahee injured his left hamstring early in Sunday’s 17-10 win against Kansas City.

John Elway: Broncos' game dictated Tim Tebow only throw 8 passes | First-and-Orange
Bottom line, John Elway said this morning: the Broncos won. No matter that Tim Tebow threw eight passes, he said.

NFL News

NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: 49ers Locked In Behind Packers, Raiders Climbing - SB Nation Bay Area
Week ten of the 2011 NFL Season is complete, which means it's time for week 11 NFL Power Rankings. The Green Bay Packers continued their undefeated run as they improved to 9-0. Although they sometimes have questionable defense, the league really has become the Green Bay Packers....and everybody else.

NFL Power Rankings Widen Gap Between Contenders and Eagles: A Fan's Take - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL power rankings after Week 10 are showing a few widening gaps. Of course, the Green Bay Packers are pulling away from the entire NFL while the San Francisco 49ers are finally distancing themselves as the No. 2 team. But while these two get further away from the pack, my Philadelphia Eagles are fading back faster than most in the power rankings these days.

NFL: 5 things we learned in week 10 | Paolo Bandini and Steve Busfield |
Meanwhile Tim Tebow was winning again - but how much did he have to do with it? Tebow and the Broncos beat the Chiefs 17-10, but the QB completed just two passes from a mere eight attempts. One of them was, however, this beauty to Eric Decker for a 56-yard touchdown.

NFL looking into Rex Ryan using profanity at a fan during Sunday night's loss to Patriots | New York Daily News
An NFL spokesman told the Daily News on Tuesday morning that the league hasn't spoken to Rex Ryan about the incident yet. According to the spokesman, "a determination is expected to be made this week" regarding any possible disciplinary measures such as a fine.

The Hometown Fan | Same Old Jets
In 1995 the Rams had just moved to St Louis from Los Angeles and going into their 7th game of the season against the 49ers they were sitting at 5-1.

Denver Broncos Fans

Altitude Sickness: Ask a visiting Jets fan/GGN writer anything - Mile High Report
Hello there, Denver faithful! Been quite a roller coaster for you so far, huh? Nobody wanted to give you or your young QB the time of day but here we are more than halfway through the year with Denver only one game behind a team it has already beaten. I say good show to you.

Elway and Fox Give Some Support for Tim Tebow - Mile High Report
For awhile now, Elway, in my opinion, has seemed to be neutral on Tebow, with maybe a slightly negative bias regarding his passing abilities. However, today, Elway seemed to possibly be turning the corner on seeing Tebow's potential for the long-term. The following are some comments that he made today about Tebow on the Vic and Gary Show.

The truth behind the numbers - Mile High Report
We had a major win yesterday beating the Chiefs on the road, and this game is a great sample of what I'm expecting from Tebow on the huddle for the Broncos. This was a game where we were able to pound the rock the entire afternoon, getting first down after first down on the offense, and holding the house very well on the defense either on rushing or passing plays.

Denver Broncos vs Chiefs: Breaking Down The O-Line Film - Mile High Report
The Denver Broncos win another big game on the road against a division rival, Kansas City.  Denver put up only 17 points against the Chiefs but it was enough as the defense shut down Matt Cassel.

Broncos vs Chiefs: The No Bull Review - Mile High Report
Wow...a win streak!  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?  Dude...last time we had a win streak of at least 2 games was weeks 12 - 13 of 2009.  Think about that for a second...2009.  I'm so thankful to see some daylight from our team.  We have some very talented youth on our team that will be our core for years.

Mike McCoy offensive mastermind or just lucky? - Mile High Report
I have seen the comments regarding the unrest for the lack of passing attempts in the KC game, and I really have no idea why you would complain, if you are a Bronco fan or even just a Tebow fan.  I am starting to believe that Mike McCoy may have been Josh McDaniels greatest hire and that Fox knows what the hell he was doing in retaining this guy.

This style offense is only effective temporarily - Mile High Report
Every flapping trap that thinks they know something about football is talking about the temporary effectiveness of our Tebow-led-rushing-attack-based offense. They all dismiss it as "college-style" or "gimicky" or "simply because Tebow can't throw the ball" etc. My question is, why can't this work long term?

The View in Blue from Arrowhead - Mile High Report
So I must admit going to Arrowhead in Colors is nothing like going into the black hole with the same.  The most derisive comments we got were from a drunk directly behind my 15 year old son and I.  I choose to think he was a bit inbred and stupid, so I told him I now understood why our tickets were so cheap and ignored him for the rest of the game…

***Feel free to add links to any story from today that you found interesting. I know I don't find them all!!!

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