Tebow…Nuff Said


This post might get overlooked because of the title but I sure hope it doesn’t. It’s no secret I’m a Tebow guy so this might be a bit biased so feel free to chime on your ideas but I’m going to break Tim Tebow down as a QB in two (2) major areas. Those areas are: Accuracy and being a Running QB.


Let’s get started




When I go and look at tape of Tebow I notice one very big flaw and it’s not just his accuracy but more that he has trouble throwing to the right side. Most quarterbacks in the NFL are right handed so that motion is fluid. In a three step drop its: right foot(1), left foot(2), right foot(3), then release with the ball almost 90% of the time going to the right side which is where the body is already positioned. Now picture that. Right handed QB throwing to the right side is just dropping back, cocking, and letting it rip; where Tebow errors is he is a lefty making him have to reposition to make that same easy throw. Making this throw means he has to throw across his body. That is tough for anyone. Don’t believe me go outside,   take a three step drop, throw right, and then left, which is more accurate? Most playbooks are designed for a right handed QB so his accuracy might be as simple as flipping the playbook over. Now I understand he does still miss, but two of his throws in KC were just horrible, both were quick step drops out the right side. Tebow is almost dead on in deep balls, why because the release is different. He has the time to adjust his upper body to match his lower body and then release. I went back and also watched his pro day tape where Urban Meyer must have understood this rule because he had Tebow throw 50 passes that day with 39 of them going to his left side. Most critics after his pro day said his accuracy had improved and his throwing motion looked better too. Did it or was the release point different making the throws easier for the south paw?



Running QB:


I’m going to start this by saying “I said Tebow would change the NFL” and with the zone read he is. This is one topic that bugs the heck out of me. This is a double edged sword if I ever saw one. Tebow’s critics say he can’t make it in the NFL as a running QB because he’ll take too many hits, then in the same sentence will say he could/should be a TE, FB, or HB? Does anyone else see a problem here? He will take to many hits but a TE won’t? A FB won’t? A HB won’t? Since when does the TE not get hit on every play? I say to that ok we have a FB that happens to play QB. These same people said the Spread wouldn’t work in the NFL; the read-zone option would work either. Well guess what? Denver makes it work. Almost 600 yards on the ground the last two games proves that it can work. Tebow is a smart QB he understands how to read a run front in a defense, then he exploits it. This team right now sees the ceiling raising. Where most wrote us off this year, we are right in the hunt for the AFC West championship title. Why because we can put up over 250 yards on the ground against 8-9 man fronts because we have that FB playing QB. I’m old school I love the line it up and smash it down your throat mentality. It gives your team the highest amount of confidence knowing that you are beating them up every play with no stopping it. Not only is this running QB going to change the NFL the zone read will too. Tebow will take this zone read to new levels, so get ready Bronco fans; it’s going to have some bumpy roads but just like in the Bible Matthew 7:13-14


“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.”


Narrow is the gate in Denver right now but that gate will lead us again back to glory.       

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