Skeptic Check: Tebow Reality

First off, I will post the disclaimer that I am not a Tebow hater.  I am a pragmatist with no agenda.  I'd be happy if Tebow was our QB for years to come. He is entertaining and fun to watch.

So while I certainly enjoy the occasional meander into the land of dreams and fantasy, as an avowed skeptic, I prefer to stick to the world of reality.

I don't know if I am the only one seeing this, but while its nice to think we have a happy little storyline going with Tebow, with a nice win streak, being one game out of 1st place, some polite comments by the Bronco brass, etc...

It seems fairly obvious where this is going.

Please correct me if I am wrong or stating the obvious.....

There have been a few articles in the past day or so which have included some remarks made by Elway and Fox with regard to the Broncos under Tebow.  

Elway has been diplomatic, but not overly effusive with praise (as noted by Woody Paige today).  Polite banter in the press doesn't count.  That's called being diplomatic and not wanting to stir the pot.  A few niceties mean nothing.

Fox has been pragmatic by going to a run-heavy offense and stating that with regard to Tebow:

"If we were running a regular offense, he'd be screwed."

Not exactly an endorsement.  

If they were really on board, I believe they would be more aggressive in their defense of Tebow and also actually work to develop him as a passer this year rather than just run him into the ground.

Blaine Gabbert, who ran a spread like offense in college, for example, is not exactly setting the league on fire with his passing game, but you don't see the Jags going to a zone read offense.  No, they are letting him throw and grow.

I challenge anyone to prove to me that EFX wants ANYTHING to do with Tebow beyond this year. 

My prediction is they let him play out the year to appease the fanbase, draft a QB in the first round this year. Then they hold a "QB competition" in camp next year, Tebow is either cut/traded or sits next year.  

But I think its fairly obvious if you read between the lines that Fox is just playing the hand he has been dealt and Elway wants nothing more than to get Tebow out the door.


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