5 keys for success against the Jets

Other than the super obvious ones like Tebow has to play good, we have to establish the run game and so on. 

1. Eddie Royal needs to make plays. 
  Unless were getting blown out we will probably only pass between 12-16 times. I doubt we can get away with only 8 attempts against the Jets. Revis is a shut down corner, you can't deny that so Decker will be fighting all day to get open and will probably be smothered most of the game. Royal is gonna have to break free and pick up some first downs. 

2. Goodman/Wilhite/Harris have to stop Plaxico Burress
Much like Revis is going to make life really hard for Eric Decker, Champ Bailey is going to make Thursday night zero fun for Santonio Holmes. I expect Sanchez to look Burress' way a lot on Thursday night and if those three guys can't combine to limit Burress' productivity than he could have a game like he had against the Chargers where he scored 3 touchdowns because Quentin Jammer was frustrating Holmes.

3. Special teams has to  contain Joe McKnight on kickoffs. 
Part of the Jets success this year is the short fields they have been starting on thanks to Joe McKnight. The guy is averaging 36.0 yards on each kick return this year, letting the Jets start out on their own 40ish yard line. He also has one kick return for a touchdown this year. I'm actually thanking the NFL right now for pushing the kickoffs up a little bit, because I think with Praters leg and that sweet sweet Denver air we can make the Jets start on the 20 for most, if not all of the night. That's a 20 yard difference, so yeah it's important. 

4. Prater needs to return to form. 
Speaking of Prater, what the heck happened bud? I assume this will be a close game and were probably going to have to rely on this guy to make a few kicks and if hes as inconsistent as he has been this year than it could be bad news for the home team. 9/14 isn't all that bad...well I mean it is but the troubling part is he's 1/5 between 40-49 yards. Those are the money balls baby! and you have to have them. It would also help if an opponent would miss a kick every once and awhile, opponents are a perfect 18/18 on field goals against us. Tough break. 

5. Robert Ayers vs. Wayne Hunter
Dumervil is going to have his hands full all day going against D'brickashaw Ferguson. It should be a good match up to watch though. Anyway Robert Ayers has been solid versus the run this year but on Thursday he's going to have to get to Sanchez a couple times and sack him or hurry his throws. Hunter has been bothered by a finger injury so if he has his fingers taped up, Ayers should be able to partially keep him from getting inside his pads. I predict a big night for Ayers, and we will need it. 

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