NFL power rankings. AND the Broncos improvement

The Broncos are slowly Moving up in the charts


The following is the Broncos power rankings as of week 7. (Tebows first start).

Just to note the Broncos have been ranked 27 all season


2011 Power Rankings: Week 7
  1 (1) Packers 6-0 Things are so good for the Packers that they are disappointed by not expanding 21-point leads in second halves. (Clayton)
  2 (2) Patriots 5-1 The Patriots proved against Dallas that they can win ugly, too. (Walker)
  3 (5) Ravens 4-1 The Harbaughs -- John and Jim -- are 9-2 this season. (Walker)
  4 (9) 49ers 5-1 The 49ers are off to their best start (5-1) since the 1998 season. (Sando)
  5 (3) Saints 4-2 Drew Brees has no fumbles in 2011, but eight INTs in past four games. (Clayton)
  6 (4) Lions 5-1 The one worry for the Lions is not being able to power run the ball in the second halves of games. (Clayton)
  7 (7) Chargers 4-1 Off their bye, the Chargers head east to face the Jets, and the Raiders already beat New York. (Kuharsky)
  8 (8) Steelers 4-2 RB Rashard Mendenhall (146 rushing yards in Week 6) isn't ready to give up his starting job just yet. (Walker)
  9 (11) Raiders 4-2 The Raiders host Kansas City in their first game since acquiring QB Carson Palmer. (Kuharsky)
  10 (6) Bills 4-2 Defense is a big question mark entering the bye. (Walker)
  11 (14) Giants 4-2 The Giants are in first place in the NFC East, but, after the bye and a game against Miami, the schedule gets brutally tough. (Fox)
  12 (16) Buccaneers 4-2 After a rough game versus the 49ers, the Bucs' run defense shut down the Saints. (Sando)
  13 (13) Titans 3-2 If the offensive line doesn't run block better, coach Mike Munchak will have to consider an interior alteration. (Kuharsky)
  14 (18) Bears 3-3 Wonder how the London tabloids will treat Jay Cutler, who struggles with the local papers in Chicago. (Clayton)
  15 (10) Redskins 3-2 Is the Rex Grossman era over in Washington? We will know Wednesday, when Mike Shanahan announces who will be his starting QB. (Fox)
  16 (17) Jets 3-3 No team needed a win more than the Jets. (Walker)
  17 (12) Texans 3-3 Do they grab the AFC South lead Sunday in Tennessee, or do they drop a third straight and fall under .500? (Kuharsky)
  18 (20) Bengals 4-2 While Cam Newton is stealing the rookie QB spotlight, Cincy's Andy Dalton is winning more games. (Walker)
  19 (19) Falcons 3-3 The Falcons will find out plenty about where they stand on a trip to Detroit. (Sando)
  20 (21) Eagles 2-4 The Eagles avoided Armageddon with a win at Washington. They are still alive -- barely -- at 2-4. (Fox)
  21 (15) Cowboys 2-3 After a crushing loss to New England, the Cowboys get the 0-5 Rams. (Fox)
  22 (22) Seahawks 2-3 The Seahawks get even younger on defense with CB Marcus Trufant going on IR. (Sando)
  23 (23) Browns 2-3 The Browns apparently forgot to practice special teams during their bye. (Walker)
  24 (25) Chiefs 2-3 Coming off two wins and a bye, the Chiefs get Oakland, which has a developing quarterback situation. (Kuharsky)
  25 (24) Panthers 1-5 The Panthers play their next three games at home and should win at least one. (Sando)
  26 (28) Cardinals 1-4 The Cardinals return home after a bye, but they face a stiff test against the Steelers. (Sando)
  27 (27) Broncos 1-4 Tim Tebow will draw lots of eyeballs Sunday, but his receivers won't include Brandon Lloyd. (Kuharsky)
  28 (26) Vikings 1-5 Donovan McNabb or Christian Ponder? Does it really matter? (Clayton)
  29 (29) Jaguars 1-5 The Jags showed some heart fighting back in Pittsburgh, but the players talking about being on the cusp are stretching it. (Kuharsky)
  30 (30) Dolphins 0-5 The Dolphins haven't won a game since Dec. 12, 2010. (Walker)
  31 (31) Rams 0-5 Sam Bradford took every snap as a rookie, but an ankle injury could sideline him now. (Sando)
  32 (32) Colts 0-6 A team that has long found ways to pull games out late is now regularly finding ways to lose. (Kuharsky)



Now at week 11 the Broncos have broken the top 20 for the first time in over two years!

2011 Power Rankings: Week 11
  1 (1) Packers 9-0 If they survive a tough game in Detroit on Thanksgiving, the Packers have a real chance to go undefeated. (Clayton)
  2 (2) 49ers 8-1 Alex Smith's performance against the Giants shows the 49ers can beat good teams without Frank Gore carrying the offense. (Sando)
  3 (4) Saints 7-3 Bye week gives the Saints a chance to regroup before welcoming the Giants and Lions to the Superdome for likely shootouts. (Sando)
  4 (5) Steelers 7-3 Pittsburgh's defense showed against Cincinnati that it still can close out games. (Walker)
  5 (9) Bears 6-3 Whenever Devin Hester returns a kick for a score, this team is basically unbeatable. (Clayton)
  6 (3) Ravens 6-3 There's no excuse for RB Ray Rice to get five carries and QB Joe Flacco to throw 52 times. (Walker)
  7 (6) Giants 6-3 Eli Manning almost led the Giants back against San Francisco. That it was a surprise he didn't says something about Manning's progress. (Fox)
  8 (12) Patriots 6-3 Why would anyone write off a Patriots team led by QB Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick? (Walker)
  9 (8) Texans 7-3 The Texans have an extra week to get Matt Leinart ready to quarterback them the rest of the way. (Kuharsky)
  10 (7) Lions 6-3 The fracture in QB Matthew Stafford's right index finger is a concern, but the Lions can make the playoffs. (Clayton)
  11 (10) Bengals 6-3 The Bengals aren't interested in moral victories. But Cincinnati impressed in a tough loss to Pittsburgh. (Walker)
  12 (15) Cowboys 5-4 In rookie DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys finally seem to have found a reliable running back. (Fox)
  13 (13) Falcons 5-4 Statistical analysis showed coach Mike Smith made the percentage play with that controversial fourth-and-1 decision Sunday. (Sando)
  14 (11) Jets 5-4 After being swept by New England, the Jets are aiming for a wild card. (Walker)
  15 (20) Titans 5-4 Chris Johnson finally broke free against the Panthers, but the Falcons are a much stronger run defense. (Kuharsky)
  16 (21) Raiders 5-4 Their long week against Minnesota off a short week doesn't seem quite fair, does it? (Kuharsky)
  17 (14) Bills 5-4 The free-falling Bills are 2-4 in their past six games. (Walker)
  18 (17) Chargers 4-5 The Chargers have managed to undo the 4-1 start that was going to make this season different. (Kuharsky)
  19 (23) Broncos 4-5 We have to credit the Broncos for finding a way to win with Tim Tebow, even if it sets back the modern game. (Kuharsky)
  20 (18) Buccaneers 4-5 Good luck to the Bucs, who have lost four of five and now play road games against the Packers and Titans. (Sando)
  21 (19) Chiefs 4-5 After back-to-back losses against bad teams, the Chiefs must move forward without QB Matt Cassel. (Kuharsky)
  22 (16) Eagles 3-6 The Dream Team has become Team Turmoil. A season of such promise is now over. (Fox)
  23 (29) Cardinals 3-6 The QB situation will get interesting if backup John Skelton, 2-0 versus Rams and Eagles, can manage an upset victory at San Francisco. (Sando)
  24 (28) Seahawks 3-6 A hard-nosed defense has company now that Seattle's offensive line is making significant progress in the running game. (Sando)
  25 (27) Jaguars 3-6 The loss of cornerback Rashean Mathis to a knee injury is a potential killer for a team reliant on its defense. (Kuharsky)
  26 (22) Redskins 3-6 Rex Grossman. John Beck. Rex Grossman. It doesn't really matter who plays quarterback for Washington, does it? (Fox)
  27 (24) Vikings 2-7 While the Vikings ponder their stadium offers, coach Leslie Frazier continues to develop his young quarterback, Christian Ponder. (Clayton)
  28 (25) Browns 3-6 It looks as though the game is moving way too fast for rookie coach Pat Shurmur. (Walker)
  29 (31) Dolphins 2-7 The suddenly hot Dolphins are embracing the spoiler role. (Walker)
  30 (30) Rams 2-7 Not that anyone will offer sympathy, but the Rams already were severely depleted before their latest wave of injuries. (Sando)
  31 (26) Panthers 2-7 Cam Newton's struggles against the Titans came as a great surprise and disappointment to spoiled fantasy GMs around the globe. (Sando)
  32 (32) Colts 0-10 They get to escape for a bit with a bye before returning to see whether they can upset the Panthers in Indy. (Kuharsky)


I am loving the improvement we are seeing. The Defense is playing hard physical D . And we have found an offense that is helping us win again. I would love to see Fox and McCoy start throwing a little more so we can develop Tebow more so we dont have to draft a QB in the draft.



Just thought i would share the growth our team is making with you guys




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