New York Jets Pregame Chatter Won't Affect the Denver Broncos

NEW YORK - MARCH 16: (FILE PHOTO) New York Jets Darrelle Revis poses for a portrait on March 16 2010 in New York New York. It was reported that cornerback Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets who held out for seven months on his contract has agreed to a four-year deal. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Keep laying on the insults. It won't change the results on the gridiron.

The Broncos are 3-1 with Tim Tebow at the helm. I've put that thought in my mind, this week, and have my fingers placed firmly (but not too firmly) into my ear canal.


Because listening to vitriol and close-minded hate is one of my biggest pet peeves. What purpose does it serve? It doesn't solve any problems. It doesn't provide any coaching input to allow a player to improve. Hate generates more hate. I think it's fair to say that the Broncos aren't catching a lot of love from the mainstream media (and even the Jets defense). I don't think there's much debating that. Just flip on any sports channel, listen to any podcast or read any internet article and you'll see how badly the Broncos are being mocked. 

The only way to silence the critics is to keep winning. If the Denver Broncos are lacking for motivation, I hope they just turn on ESPN. They would be overwhelmed with bulletin board material. 

It started with Chris Carter, talking about how the option would never work in the NFL. Then Mike Greenburg (a Jets fan), proclaimed on his show "Mike and Mike in the Morning" that he wouldn't come into work if the Jets lost to the Broncos. Then, there was a power rankings article on that had the Buccaneers listed 20th, the Chiefs listed 22nd and the Tebow listed 21st.

(image from John Bena's post)

Yes, "Tebow" was listed in the power rankings, not the "Broncos".

That's not even mentioning the New York Post that had "God Help Him" on the front page, in reference to how the Broncos offense has "no chance" against the Jets defense. 

The best of all, no doubt, is the Darrelle Revis smack talk, this week. The shut down corner spoke to the fact that the Jets secondary runs the risk of being "bored" by the lack of a passing game. While it is true that the run sets up play action pass, the term "bored" could be bulletin board material.

Tonight, none of that matters, anymore. It's time to put up or shut up. The Jets and the Broncos hit the gridiron and it will be a physical battle, not a war of words. It's football... and football isn't a game that's won by running your mouth. If the Jets win, it's because they executed their gameplan better and made fewer mistakes than the Broncos did. So, set aside the insults for a few hours on Thursday night and let's watch a football game.

Don't talk. Just win.

Go Broncos!!!

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