Fantasy Football: Start 'em or Sit 'em (Week 11)

Oh mama, needless to say I laid a turd last week when I benched Tom Brady and suggested people start Mark Sanchez. Sanchez wasn’t complete garbage as he had 300+ yards through the air, but Tom Brady was a beast last week. Of course, that cost me a win - as it should have. The only other huge stinker I picked was to start Frank Gore. Not only did he get injured, but he was getting stuffed before he did get injured. That too contributed to one of my losses. How you say, "FAIL".

As they also say…OH WELL!

I suppose we can take a look at what I think this week:

Start ‘em

QB Tom Brady

Tom Terrific is back! I benched him last week because he has been stinking up the joint, but now I’m ready to jump back on that train baby. After a big win over the New York Jets, I expect him to tear through his never several opponents to secure the AFC East yet again.

QB Tim Tebow

No matter whom he plays, Tebow does two things well. First, he doesn’t turn the ball over. A big no no in fantasy football cause that gives you negative points. The other is he scores at least two touchdowns most of the time. Whether its passing for two like he did against Oakland or running for one and passing for another like he did last week against the Chiefs. The guy is a solid Fantasy starter, but this is his first big test. I think he’ll succeed again.

RB Chris Johnson

CJ2K is back! Of course, I never had him on my teams, but I hear he dominated like the real CJ2K of old. The Atlanta Falcons are a good defensive team, but not known for their speed. If the Tennessee Titans can set the edge, Chris Johnson will go bye bye.

WR Julio Jones

The Titans are stout against the run, so if Atlanta is going to win this game it will be through the air. If Kyle Orton can do it, so can Matt Ryan. Look for Julio Jones to have a big day, as the Falcons should find a way to win this game.

Sit ‘em

QB Mark Sanchez

Naturally, I believe the Denver Broncos defense is going to swallow up the young quarterback, so if I were you I’d bench him! In fact, bench him, pick up the Broncos defense/ST unit, and start them. Why? Because the Broncos are going to win baby!

RB Michael Turner

The Titans D held the Denver Broncos to under 50 yards rushing back in Week 3, so I wouldn’t start Turner unless you have no other choice. There is a good chance he will pick up yards late in the game if the Falcons are winning, so it might be wash either way. It’s still a risk.

WR (Any Bronco WR)

At this point, there is no point in starting any Broncos wide receivers. Tim Tebow is still many weeks away from having the confidence to consistently make throws into coverage. Until that happens, we are looking at a maximum of 20 throws a game. If your homerism dictates you must play a Broncos WR, it had better be Eric Decker!

WR Dwayne Bowe

With Matt Cassel out, it might be a good idea to put in a lesser WR this week until you find out what kind of role Bowe will have now that they have a scrambling lefty who will likely want to dump it off to running backs and tight ends more than going long for Bowe. Of course, I set myself up with a weak stable of wide receivers so I am probably screwed and will have to start Bowe. Consequently, I hope this pick turns into a turd on Sunday…

More Fantasy Football

So that fantasy football website I mentioned last week is still running weekly prize leagues. It’s free to join and if you come out on top you will win some free cash. Free cash is awesome!

Also, I am still trying to get some people together for a little weekly cash league. I’m cheap, so if anyone wants to spend a few dollars a week for some friendly competition send me an email.

Go Broncos!

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