TD Tidbits

Just wanted to list a couple things that have stood out about our Broncos from the past week. Obviously after a big road win, there will be plenty of positives, but my blood alcohol level isn't over the limit yet from Kool-Aid so there will be some negatives.


"When I tell you to jump, you say...



Defense is really coming together. After missing the off season to practice the new scheme, it's starting to make sense to the players. They're starting to hit their stride and it couldn't be more exciting. I'm more excited to see our Defense out there than the O. Not because we're passing 8 times a game, but because we are dominating on that side of the ball. Excited to see how much better this D can get!

Chris Harris! WOW! Great job kid. What a find you have become. You've made play after play. Some say the KC receivers plain dropped the ball, but you were right there with them affecting the catch. It's a lot easier to catch a ball when you're wide open 'cough' Wilhite. This kid clearly has a chip on his shoulder after not being drafted and it's giving him plenty of fuel to just keep performing. Keep it up kid!

The Denver Broncos are now 2nd in the league in rushing. The glory days are back! All this after being unable to run for spit with our "best chance to win" under center. McGahee only gained 4 yards in his first game against the Raiders. Let me say again, we're 2nd in the league! Fox wasn't kidding when he said he was going to bring a strong running game to Denver.

Anyone hear from Merril Hodge lately? He must of crawled back into his hole after that Detroit game. Or he forgot his password for his Twitter account.

What a joke Tebow is for completing just 2 passes out of 8. It's so funny how he accounted for the only 2 TD's to win the game. I'm laughing at you, not with you!

What's also funny is how experts said Tebow can't take snaps from under center. Especially after that relief outing against San Diego where he bobbled 3 snaps from center. I guess no one wants to mention that nowadays. Don't worry, I never forget so I'll gladly bring it up.

Yea, this offense WON'T work forever. But this offense WON'T stay the same. It will grow and adjust as the players get used to running it. It will get more potent and more dangerous with more reps. There's basic plays to ever formation and you grow from it. Evolve and continue to progress. I can't wait til Tebow is more comfortable with the speed of the game to make those completions. It's actually an advantage for the Broncos being the only offense doing it. Each team will practice against similar offenses the entire year, until Broncos week. Then they only have a couple days to go through the motions of trying to stop it.

Where is this Julius Thomas? I heard such great things about him. Does he even have a catch? I see Virgil Green out there more often. Props to Virgil because the knock on him in training camp was he couldn't block. Obviously he proved people wrong.

I would like to post some missing person flyers throughout Denver. I'm looking for Cassius Vaughn, Matt Prater and Demaryius Thomas. Cassius came out with such potential to start the year, now he's nowhere to be found. Prater, what the heck!?!? I'm worried about every FG we attempt nowadays. I see these kickers throughout the league hitting kick after kick. Boy do I miss the Elam years. And DT, please show up tonight against the Jets. My only reasoning is, he's not caught up in the playbook. Don't know why since he's been on the sideline all year. He should've kept a playbook in hand or something. This guys is invisible out there.

Is it just me or is Doom still a step slow. After rewatching the games, he just doesn't have that burst. Even in preseason he looked faster. I have to think there's some injuries to players that we don't really know about. For example, Eddie Royal last year. I don't recall an injury report about his hip all year. Then he gets surgery. Come on Doom. I see the production coming through of late. Soon he'll be full go and the Orange Rush is at it's zenith! Can't wait!

DJ Williams has been showing the fans why the coaches decided not to trade him like many demanded. He's been all over the place. He's quietly playing a very stud season.

Tebow may not be completing many passes, but he's good for a "wow" every game. Miami - Daniel Fells over the middle down to the 4 yard line...Wow! Detroit - erased from my mind and DVR so I don't recall anything about that Raiders - Eric Decker over the middle for the first TD...Wow! KC - Eric Decker for the game winning TD...Wow! Jets - Over the middle to a streaking __________ past the outreached hands of Revis....WOW?

Big game tonight against the big mouth talking Jets. We need Prater to come through and kick all balls into the endzone. We don't want this team returning any kicks on us. I believe they lead the league in returns.

This elevation will help us especially after a very short week. Shorter for the Jets because they had to play Sunday night. Rex may have a chapter on how to stop the option, but only a couple hours to practice against it. Yea, he may know what to do, but the players haven't done anything like it. Mainly because they haven't seen an offense like it! The Chiefs tried everything possible to stop it, and it all failed. This is what happens when you have arguably the greatest QB ever to run it. Advantage Broncos! Pound the rock and pressure their wimpy QB! Rex, don't put him back out at receiver if you don't want him wetting his pants again.

Go Broncos!

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