FINAL: Denver Broncos 17 - New York Jets 13 - The Legend Of Tim Tebow Grows

Category Broncos Jets
Score 17 13
Rushing Yards
34 car. 125 yards (3.7 ypc) 28 car. 83 yards (3.0  ypc)
Passing Yards
104 235
Total Yards 229 318
3rd Down Conversion 3-13 3-14
T.O.P 27:48 32:05
1 2


 The Denver Broncos are 5-5.  Right now that is all the matters and all I can really say with any kind of certainty.  The rest of it - 4 quarters of some of the most mind-numbing football I have ever seen - I don't know what to say.  I mean, 12 plays, 95 yards, a 20 yard touchdown run for the game winning score - that is the stuff legends are made of - or at least where legends begin.

Let's start with the defense, if I may, just for one second.  The Broncos defense has been as much of a driving force in this winning streak as anyone else.  Von Miller is flat-out getting it done.  He punished Matt Cassel last week and he punished Mark Sanchez tonight.  Andre Goodman, who was getting killed - on and off the field - coming up with a HUGE pick-six to tie the game. 

New York was 3-14 on third down and the Broncos held the jets to just 4.48 yards per play.  The Broncos sacked Sanchez three times and knocked him down hard another seven occasions. It was a monster performance.

Now, for Tebow.  It was everything we have come to get used to from Tebow.  Three quarters of mistake-free not-so-pretty football followed by one drive - starting at the 5 yard-line 5:54 seconds to go - where Tebow was allowed to do what he does.  Empty back-field, shotgun, backyard football.  It took 12 plays.  It took 4:56 of game time.  But tonight might be the night that ALL Broncos fans - and much of the nation - come to realize what Tim Tebow CAN do on a football field instead of what he CANNOT do.

The Broncos are now 4-1 with Tebow as the starter this year.  The Broncos are now 5-3 with Tebow as the starter over the past two years.  In the other 18 games the Broncos have played in 2010-11, the Broncos are 4-14.  Not much more can be said.

With six games to go, the Broncos are right in the middle of the AFC West race.  What more can Broncos fans near and far ask for?  Enjoy it!!


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