Broncos vs Jets Studs and Duds

There are some things you can't explain. Tim Tebow's ability to step up his play and win games in the 4th quarter is the epitome of "speechless". There is no way to describe it. To quote Skip Bayless, "He. Just. Wins. Football. Games". I don't know how he did it, but the guy orchestrated a 95 yard game winning drive capped by a 20 yard TD run by Tebow and led the Broncos to a 17-13 victory in prime time over the New York Jets. If Tim Tebow does work out long term for the Broncos, they will point to that drive as the moment the Broncos organization knew he was their guy. For now, let's get to the Studs and Duds.

Tim Tebow

Say what you want about his stats (9 of 20 for 104 yards. 8 carries for 68 yards), the guy was practically flawless on the game winning drive aka Tebow Time. He ran the ball great. He made some key throws and he got into the end zone when it counted most. Before the final drive, Tebow was having a rough throwing day. He missed on some big plays and he was also the victim of several drops by the WR. But just how we have come to know him, Tebow got the job done when it mattered most. Allow me to drop a cliche and say Tebow is a winner. We are 4-1 with him as a starter and are 5-5 heading into the huge divisional game against the Chargers next week.

Von Doom

Wow. Now I see why everyone was buzzing in training camp after watching these two guys perform. The words "Scary" "Frightening" and "Damn" come to mind when I am watching these two play. These two brutalized Mark Sanchez all game long. Elvis looks like he is finally healthy (knock on wood) and he ended the game with 3 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 2 QB hits. Elvis looked very good in Prime Time. He is showing that great speed and elite motor that we saw back in 2009. As for his sidekick, Von Miller ended the game with 10 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3 TFL and 4 QB hits. Defensive Rookie of the Year? Forget that, Von Miller could be an All-Pro this year. The guy is scary good and he is only going to get better with time.

Broderick Bunkley, Marcus Thomas, and Ryan McBean

These guys played incredibly last night. Broderick Bunkley is a bad, bad man. Bunkley looked downright dominant at times last night and Marcus Thomas is playing his best football. As for McBean, I have no words. The guy is playing at a whole new level that I never thought was possible for him, but he's showing a great first step and is causing havoc. This was a unit that was supposed to be the weakest link for the Broncos, but it has quickly become a strength.

Interception by Andre Goodman

Andre Goodman has been consistently terrible this year. He has been beat in coverage, he gets picked on and he is a poor tackler, but against the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football, he made a huge play. He read Sanchez perfectly jumped the route, intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown. It came at a great time in which Denver's offense was struggling. Goody was picked on again Thursday night, but for the first time this year, Goody fought back and made them pay. Good for him and great for the Broncos.

Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen has really been a stud for the majority of the season. The 1st year defensive coordinator has been extremely impressive. In fact, I have my doubts he will be in Denver in 2 years. I think he will be getting a head coaching gig sooner rather then later. Allen has coached his guys so well and they are playing extremely good football. He has meshed John Fox's D style with some aggressive style football that one would expect from a Gregg Williams protoge. He shut down the Jets offense and is proving to be a fantastic hire.

Unique Play Calling

I have come to believe that there are two offensive coordinators in Denver. There's the boring, predictable Mike McCoy who runs the ball in almost any situation no matter how successful it is. Then there is the Mike McCoy who comes out of the game with extremely unique play calls featuring options, double options, triple options, a WR pass, and much more. Denver's 1st drive was great. It featured some great play calling by Mike McCoy that knocked the Jets backwards. It didn't last for very long, but McCoy has shown glimpses of the creative play caller he could be. The 1st drive of the game was a thing of beauty even if it did end in a 4th down stuff.

Britton Colquitt

If this dude doesn't get into the Pro Bowl, it will be the biggest robbery since Tom Hanks didn't win an Academy Award for "Castaway". Colquitt is having an amazing year and had another great night against the Jets. He punted the ball 8 times for 350 yards for a 43 yard average, but he also nailed 3 punts down inside the 20 which explains the low average. Colquitt is a great asset in the field of position game. He has consistently been a stud the whole year.

3rd Down Defense

The Broncos D held the Jets offense to just 3 for 14 on 3rd downs last night. I don't know what it is, but the defense has been great and sometimes straight up dominant. The Jets had no answers for Denver's front 7. DJ Williams looks like a whole new man for this team.

Mike Mayock

2nd best announcer to Gus Johnson. Extremely intelligent and a great analyst.



Run Game

After dominant performances by the Broncos rushing attack, they laid a big egg against the Jets who manhandled the Broncos OL. Willis McGahee who was clearly not 100% only got 18 yards on 12 carries while Lance Ball added 18 yards on 5 carries. Give the Jets DL a lot of credit, those guys played incredible. Still, let's hope that the Broncos can regain their dominant rushing game against the Chargers.

Bad Play Calling

Just like the good play calling gets credit, the bad calls that McCoy had deserve criticism. I don't know where the creativity went during the middle of the game, but Mike McCoy's play calling was just way too bland and predictable during that stretch. At one point, I asked people on Twitter what they thought the next drive was going to be. One girl predicted three straight runs and she was right. McCoy has got to get a balance because he is either making great calls or extremely predictable ones.

Cassius Vaughn

Dude, I understand you had an awesome return, but that doesn't give you the right to return the ball every time you are 4 yards deep in the end zone. It's a battle of field position and you got to pick your fights. Take the 20 yards and get the party started.


6 penalties for 51 yards. Clean it up gentlemen. If we are going to be in more of these close games, every yard counts.

John Fox's Decision To Go For It On The 1st drive

I don't know why everyone refers to Fox like he is some old fart who is afraid to take a risk. The guys makes a ton of risky decisions. On the first drive, Fox opted to go for it on 4th and short instead of kick the field goal from the 29 yard line. Kick the field goal Fox. Take the points.

Willis McGahee

The dude was just not healthy and it definitely showed. Hampered by a hamstring injury, McGahee carried the ball 12 times for 18 yards. He showed little burst and was cautious in making his cuts. Next time Willis, just go ahead and sit out. I appreciate the effort, but you hurt us more then you helped to night.

Dropped Passes

I said it earlier in the night, Tim Tebow was not throwing all that accurately, but the Broncos receivers were not doing Tebow any favors. There were several throws that hit WR like Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Demaryius Thomas and Dante Rosario in the hands, but they just couldn't hold on. If you touch the ball, you got to catch it. That's the job of a WR.

John Elway

Is it just me or did John Elway look more disappointed then happy after Tebow ran in the winning score. Sure he clapped, but compared to Xanders in the background, he looked liked a guy who has just lost his grandmother. I think I saw him say "Well, there goes Matt Barkley".

There you have it folks. The Denver Broncos beat the Jets in prime time football with Tim Tebow as the starting QB. It wasn't pretty and it was hard to believe, but they pulled it out. Now the Broncos are 5-5 with a huge divisional game against the Chargers next week. They have got 10 days to rest and prepare so rest up fellas. We got 6 games left to pass the Raiders and get to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. It's an exciting time to be a Broncos fans. What a game. What a drive. What a night. Until next time, MHR.

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P.S. Suck on that Merril Hoge.

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